Two Summ’s Innovative Beats: A New Dawn in Percussive Rhythms at the Mahindra Festival

At the cusp of percussive innovation and celebrating the rhythmic confluence of traditional and modern music, Bengaluru is abuzz with anticipation for the upcoming Mahindra Percussion Festival (March 23 and 24). The festival is poised to offer its audience something extraordinary, particularly from a duo known as Two Summ, comprising Anantha R Krishnan and Viveick Rajagopalan. In a candid conversation, these artists share their excitement for their unique presentation. When asked about what attendees can expect, Anantha playfully remarks, “Us,” with an infectious laugh, while Viveick hints at the unveiling of music that remains unexplored.

Anantha, with an air of humility interlaced with confidence, claims, “Without sounding too arrogant, we’ve essentially created a new kind of music.” He extends an unconventional invitation to the spectators, urging them to partake in the birth of this “child” of musical experimentation.

As the interviewer delves further, it becomes apparent that Two Summ shares more than just a stage; they share a profound connection through the mridangam, an Indian percussion instrument. Although Viveick’s musical portfolio is embellished with this instrument, his versatility is noteworthy. With a career spanning two decades, he has contributed to the soundtracks of acclaimed films such as ‘Nava Rasa’ and ‘Gully Boy,’ and collaborated with diverse artists that include the likes of Lucky Ali and Bugge Wesseltoft. His sonic explorations often depart from the Carnatic musical framework, pushing the boundaries of his artistry.

Anantha, on the other hand, is born of a rich musical legacy as the grandson of the legendary mridangam maestro Palghat Raghu. He describes the dual edge of such heritage – the privilege of an entrenched system intertwined with the challenge of meeting, and sometimes subverting, expectations. His musical journey has been enriched by his experiences in the United States, allowing him to absorb various genres and to experiment without restraint.

As their collaborative tale unfolds, Viveick discloses that the coordination of their project hinged on numerous virtual planning sessions. The pair plans to rendezvous about 10 days prior to the event to finalize their set. Anantha tries to encapsulate their upcoming performance, “You’re going to see production, deep electronic beats, and the mridangam traveling through wandering passages.” Viveick interjects, promising layers and textures of sound that they will unfurl before the audience.

Viveick also voices his appreciation for platforms like the Mahindra Percussion Festival, which are scarce yet vital for artists wanting to exhibit and evolve their talents. He laments the industry demands for digital fame, reflected in the expected showreels and follower counts. Therefore, this festival offers a rare sanctuary where artists are free to explore without being shackled by expectation.

Ensuring their performance is not just a presentation but an interactive experience, both artists desire for the audience to dive into the unknown alongside them. According to Viveick, they approach their art without preconceived notions of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’—an artistic leap into the depths of creativity.

Two Summ is but one entrancing act amongst many slated for the Mahindra Percussion Festival. Following a successful inaugural year, the festival has expanded to a two-day affair. Audiences can look forward to performances from stellar artists like Vikku Vinayakram, Taufiq Qureshi, Charu Hariharan, Darshan Doshi, the Ashtanayika ensemble, and the Bengaluru band Swarathma.

The festival is a collaborative effort between The Hindu and Mahindra, with co-sponsorships by Mahindra Finance, Paul John Visitor Centre, and Carlsberg Smooth Soda, while Hyperlink Brand Solutions handle promotion and production. For enthusiasts eager to witness this fusion of rhythmic delight, tickets are available at As the festival approaches, music lovers gear up for an event that promises not just performances but an immersive percussive experience that resonates with the heartbeats of innovation.

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