Twinkle Khanna tickles the funny bone with thoughts on what most Indian husbands give wives as Valentine’s Day gift

Twinkle Khanna, an accomplished author, columnist, and interior designer, known affectionately as Mrs. Funnybones, recently amused her audience with a humorous take on the rituals of Valentine’s Day, especially as they pertain to Indian husbands. Khanna, who wears multiple hats with aplomb, including that of a wife to superstar Akshay Kumar, turned her sharp wit to examining the gifts that long-married husbands often present to their wives.

Setting the scene with her insightful commentary, Twinkle Khanna suggested that Valentine’s Day might have originated from a curious experiment. She whimsically mused about an imaginary medieval boardroom scenario where executives wracked their brains over how to boost sales in the period after the bustling Christmas holidays, leading to the invention of a new gifting occasion. Khanna weaved this tale to highlight the incessant consumerism surrounding Valentine’s Day.

Khanna’s writing often captures the essence of contemporary life with a flair that resonates with many, as evidenced when she quotes Hannah Arendt: “An experience makes its appearance only when it is being said. And unless it is said, it is, so to speak, non-existent.” Khanna seems to underscore that the act of vocalizing our experiences gives them shape and form, a sentiment that carries weight in her dissections of customs and traditions.

Further deliberating on the nature of love and the tokens that often accompany it, Khanna provided a glimpse into the replies of veteran wives responding to inquiries about their Valentine’s Day gifts. According to her, a common quip among women is that, after a decade of matrimony, the gift they’re most likely to receive from their husbands is “a headache.” With her characteristic levity, Khanna plays on the idea that even in the absence of the typical wilted roses and overly sentimental greeting cards, love endures as a “thought experiment,” an acceptance of shared imperfections that fosters a uniquely perfect bond.

Though well-known for her sense of humor and observations on domestic life, Khanna has also firmly established her presence in the literary world. Following her education at Goldsmiths, University of London, where she completed a Master’s in Fiction Writing in 2022, Khanna has consistently turned heads with her written work.

Her first venture into the world of literature, a non-fiction book titled ‘Mrs. Funnybones,’ vaulted her to recognition in 2015. She kept the momentum going with ‘The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad,’ a compilation of narratives that delve into the intricacies of life’s fabric. Her later novel, ‘Pyjamas Are Forgiving,’ saw her ascend to the position of the top-selling female author in India in 2018, per Nielsen BookScan India. Keeping stride with her previous successes, her recent release, ‘Welcome to Paradise,’ greeted eager readers in 2023, adding another dimension to her evolving oeuvre.

Twinkle Khanna’s latest column merely adds another layer to her ever-expanding portfolio of work. With an astute ability to link humor with everyday life, she continues to captivate audiences, inviting them to laugh along at the absurdities that often go unnoticed. Her fresh take on Valentine’s Day reflects her ongoing commitment to exploring the humdrum and the extraordinary with equal zest, ensuring that her readers view the world around them through a slightly more sparkling lens.

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