Triptii Dimri Birthday Special: Here’s why the ‘Animal’ actress is more than a ‘Bhabhi 2′

As the calendar turned to February 23, the spotlight fell once again on the captivating Triptii Dimri, the actress who brought to life the character of Zoya in director Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s gripping film ‘Animal’. Today, this formidable talent celebrates her 30th orbit around the sun, a journey marked by bold cinematic choices and spirited performances that have earned her the affectionate title of ‘National Crush’ among her growing base of admirers.

The discussion surrounding Triptii Dimri often circles back to her bold portrayal in ‘Animal’, particularly the film’s intimate vignettes. Yet, for those viewers who held the film in their gaze, the true takeaway was not solely the risqué moments but rather the revelation of Dimri’s depth as a performer. This became all the more evident when she assumed the lead role in the sequel to the film, a testament to her acting prowess and the entrancing aura she brings to the screen.

Triptii’s foray into the craft of acting was recognized with her appearance in ‘Poster Boys’ back in 2017. A pivotal moment in her career trajectory came the following year when she captured the lead role in ‘Laila Majnu’, a contemporary retelling of a tale as old as love itself, where she starred opposite Avinash Tiwary. Despite the film not setting the box office ablaze, Dimri’s textured performance etched a lasting impression, spawning a dedicated fanbase who continue to exalt the film for her deeply affecting portrayal.

The tale of Triptii Dimri interweaves with that of the character she embodied in the Netflix sensation ‘Bulbbul’, produced by the cinematic luminary Anushka Sharma and Karnesh Ssharma. ‘Bulbbul’ saw Dimri navigate the transition from innocence to vengeance with a conviction that arrested audiences worldwide. The timing of the film’s release, amid the isolation brought on by the pandemic, allowed viewers to fully immerse themselves in her craft, propelling Triptii into the limelight she so rightfully deserved.

Building on this momentum, Dimri graced our screens once more in ‘Qala’, a period piece seasoned with psychological intrigue. Here she delivered a spellbinding performance as a mentally tormented artist languishing in the pursuit of maternal approval. The film also marked the acting initiation of Babil Khan, the progeny of the late, great Irrfan Khan, further solidifying the film’s significance.

Fast forward to the present, and the cacophony of stardom envelops Dimri, with social media and paparazzi alike fixating on her, sometimes reducing her to merely “Bhabhi 2” – a superficial moniker that scarcely does justice to her range as an actress, particularly given the one-dimensionality of her character in ‘Animal’. This phenomenon beckons us, the audience, to revisit her earlier work to fully appreciate the multilayered artist she is and to resist the urge to pigeonhole her talents.

Looking to the horizons of her unfolding career, Triptii Dimri is set to grace the silver screen with a range of upcoming projects that have already stirred up anticipation. Her slate of films includes the intriguing ‘Mere Mehboob Mere Sanam’, the evocatively titled ‘Vicky Vidya Ka Woh Wala Video’, and the much-anticipated sequel ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa 3’. Each of these titles carries the promise of new facets of Triptii’s artistry waiting to be unveiled – a prospect that has both her fans and critics alike awaiting with bated breath.

In celebrating her milestone birthday, we not only revel in the past achievements of Triptii Dimri but also look forward to the myriad ways in which she will continue to captivate and challenge us as an audience. Her journey thus far has been one of audacious choices and resounding triumphs, and if the scripts of her future endeavors are anything to go by, the narrative of her career will be one marked by both versatility and vigor. As Triptii Dimri turns 30, she stands as a beacon of dynamic artistry in the labyrinthine world of cinema, constantly reminding us that she is, unquestionably, more than meets the eye.

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