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Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh, known for his versatility and charisma, along with the rising star Kiara Advani, are set to embark on an intensive action training regimen in preparation for their upcoming movie ‘Don 3’. The much-anticipated sequel, helmed by multifaceted director Farhan Akhtar, aims to take the action genre to a new level with a fresh approach to its stunt sequences and choreography.

As the buzz builds around the third installment of the iconic ‘Don’ franchise, it has been revealed from reliable sources within the industry that the lead actors will commence their physically demanding preparation as early as March. With the shooting scheduled to begin in August, this head start is crucial to ensure the actors are in peak condition to take on the elaborate action sequences planned for the film.

“Ranveer and Kiara will start their physical prep, beginning with agility training, from late March,” shares an insider close to the production team. In addition to agility, the actors will also undergo an extensive martial arts training program, which will see experts from Thailand being flown in to provide specialized guidance. This development is a testament to the film’s commitment to delivering authentic and intense action sequences.

In recent years, Bollywood has showcased a range of high-octane, stylized action films such as ‘War’ in 2019 and ‘Pathaan’ in 2023. ‘Don 3’ aims to carve out a niche with a distinctive style that sets it apart from its predecessors. Director Akhtar, with his vision for innovative action in cinema, has already engaged in multiple discussions with action choreographers from India and abroad to explore the various possibilities for creating a truly original action palette.

“The key is to create something that audiences haven’t seen before,” the source elaborates. To achieve this, the film’s creative team is dedicated to challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries of action choreography. The incorporation of martial art techniques sourced from international experts hints at a cinematically rich experience that could redefine action in Bollywood movies.

The casting of Advani as the leading lady came shortly after the official announcement of ‘Don 3’, adding further excitement among fans eagerly anticipating the movie. Her role is expected to be just as action-packed as Singh’s, paving the way for her to showcase a new facet of her acting capabilities.

Aside from casting and action training, the production design, and location scouting are also reportedly progressing at a swift pace. Akhtar’s ambitious project is expected to span multiple countries, much like its previous editions, underscored by the tagline ‘Gyarah mulkon ki police still on the lookout’.

The original ‘Don’ was released in 2006, followed by its sequel ‘Don 2’ in 2011, both of which starred Shah Rukh Khan in the titular role and were lauded for their sleek storytelling and thrilling action. The upcoming sequel, while retaining the essence of its predecessors, is set to bring a modern twist to the tale of the elusive criminal mastermind.

As Ranveer Singh and Kiara Advani gear up for the demanding roles in ‘Don 3’, their dedication to mastering the complex art of action bears a promising sign for the film’s success. Fans of the franchise and action movie aficionados alike have much to look forward to when ‘Don 3’ hits the floors, set to raise the bar for action cinema in India.

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