This is what Shah Rukh Khan gifted Gauri Khan on their first Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we look back on the heartwarming revelations made by Bollywood’s very own King of Romance, Shah Rukh Khan. During an interactive online session with his adoring fans, the actor shared the memories of his first-ever Valentine’s Day with wife Gauri Khan. Known for his charismatic presence and timeless love stories on screen, Khan displayed a touch of sweet sentimentality when he disclosed that it was a “pair of pink plastic earrings” he gifted Gauri Khan on their first celebration of love together—an affectionate and humble start to what would become one of the entertainment industry’s most enduring relationships.

The beloved superstar engaged with his followers on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter. It was here, in the midst of an #AskSRK session, that Shah Rukh Khan responded to a fan’s curiosity about that initial Valentine’s token of affection. “If I remember correctly it’s been what, 34 years now…,” he reminisced, clearly cherishing the memory deep in his heart.

The session became a platform for fans to seek guidance on romance from the icon himself, with one fan inquiring about how the character ‘Pathaan’—portrayed by Khan in his recent blockbuster—would plan Valentine’s Day for his love interest, Rubai. Khan playfully suggested a return to the city of love, Paris, with the hashtag #Pathaan hinting at an unfinished romantic escapade.

In return, when asked about what he desires from his loved ones on this special day, Khan, ever the humble star, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming adoration he received for ‘Pathaan,’ a film that marked his much-anticipated return to cinema screens after a four-year hiatus. “You have already given it to me…so much love for #Pathaan,” he stated, acknowledging the support and affection from his fans.

Post-Pathaan’s success, Shah Rukh Khan continued to captivate audiences with performances in ‘Jawan’ and ‘Dunki,’ both of which also witnessed remarkable box office collections, further solidifying his legacy in Indian cinema.

Not long before, the actor met with his followers in Mumbai, reflecting on his decades-spanning career and the uncertainty brought about by recent breaks and less successful ventures preceding his latest hits. The video, shared by the Shah Rukh Khan Universe Fan Club, captured the actor candidly expressing his thoughts: “I have been working for 33 years, and you take such a big gap… But I think, more than my films, the love of the people for Pathaan, for Jawaan, and for Dunki… This whole country and people outside this country have actually taken me to their heart.”

As he looked forward to continuing his passion, rumors circulated regarding a new project in collaboration with director Sujoy Ghosh, potentially co-starring his daughter, Suhana Khan. Suhana, having recently debuted in ‘The Archies,’ is set to follow in her father’s footsteps, further cementing the family’s artistic legacy.

As we ponder the evolution of love and romance through Shah Rukh Khan’s narrative, his recollections serve as a reminder of the simple beginnings that stand foundationally strong, even amid the glitz and glamour of stardom. This Valentine’s tale of pink plastic earrings is more than a mere anecdote; it’s a testament to the fact that in love, it’s not the material value that counts but the enduring bond it symbolizes—a sentiment as timeless as the King of Romance himself.

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