‘This Is Me…Now: A Love Story’ movie review: Jennifer Lopez on the path towards self-love healing and a fairytale ending

Approximately halfway through the movie, ‘This Is Me…Now: A Love Story,’ Jane Fonda ponders aloud, “She’s smart, she’s strong, why does she need to be with somebody?”. It’s a pivotal moment that sparks a rolling debate among the zodiac council overseeing Jennifer Lopez’s character. The council, an unexpected ensemble cast, ambitively delves into The Artist’s history of relationships – a crucial theme of this genre-blending cinematic saga.

More than just a film, This Is Me…Now: A Love Story is a genre-bending experience, a narrative-driven cinematic odyssey entwined closely with Lopez’s own biography. The movie operates as a musical and feels like a string of high-production music videos sewn together with threads of fantasy, romance, and self-reflection.

From the onset, with fairy-tale like elements, the film ushers viewers into a Puerto Rican narrative depicting the love story of Alida and Taroo, which sets the stage for Lopez’s character. The Artist – Lopez’s on-screen persona – then dazzles the audience with a lavish musical number, ‘Time is Precious’, where she confronts an issue at a heart factory. ‘Rebound’, another key song and scene, presents Lopez in a glass house trapped with a manipulative lover, highlighting her impressive dance talents and capturing her authentic emotional portrayal.

The visual narrative, interwoven with Lopez’s own stirring life story, brings to light her rollercoaster relationships and marriages, as well as her pursuit of healing. She’s backed up by her real-life friend and confidante, Fat Joe, who plays her therapist in the heart of the story. These vignettes switch between being poignantly moving and dangerously close to blunt exposition, yet they always showcase Lopez’s willingness to portray vulnerability.

Despite the flurry of personal revelations, the movie doesn’t shy away from levity and quirkiness. The aforementioned zodiac council, including the likes of Jane Fonda, Post Malone, Keke Palmer, Kim Petras, Jay Shetty, Trevor Noah, and Sadhguru, offer metaphysical critiques and commentary on her love life. A curious assortment of personalities; it’s certainly an unexpected juxtaposition.

Adding to this fairy tale’s glamour and realism, photographs of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck gracing the red carpet at the film’s Los Angeles premiere serve as a reminder of her own off-screen narrative – one with its own troubled love story that finds a ‘happily ever after’ in their 2021 rekindled romance and subsequent marriage.

As a visual companion to Lopez’s album of the same name, the musical expectations are lofty. While the tracks might not all be instant classics, they’re rescued by the creative, and sometimes whimsical, choreography and visuals. Whether it’s a spontaneous dance at a Love Addicts meeting or an unusual take on a wedding with multiple potential grooms, Lopez’s magnetic performance and confidence are undeniable. She captivates in every frame, with each song featuring its distinct dance sequence.

This Is Me… is an audacious film, merging genres like sci-fi, fantasy, romance, and, naturally, music. The writing, while spearheaded by Lopez, keeps its exploration somewhat skin-deep and leaves audiences with unanswered questions, despite the boldness of its narrative approach.

However, This Is Me… Now: A Love Story is, at its heart, a deeply personal odyssey of healing and rediscovery. Even if all the pieces don’t fit seamlessly, the film is a testament to Lopez’s enduring luminescence as an artist. Available for streaming on Prime Video, it invites audiences to share in the ups and downs of The Artist’s quest for love, happiness, and self-acceptance.

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