The tapestry of Indian music is set to be adorned with vibrant hues as the Ekatvam Holi Music Fest readies to impart its melodious renditions from March 22 to March 25 in Bengaluru. Hosted by the Entrust Foundation under the initiative of Ekatvam, the 2024 iteration of this annual festival promises to be a mesmerizing potpourri of classical Indian tunes spread over four days of artistic euphoria.

With seven meticulously curated concerts and a pair of award ceremonies on the schedule, Ekatvam is all set to bedazzle the city with a celebration of music that transcends barriers and embodies the spirit of “oneness.” Tracing the roots of this festival uncovers the foundational work of Rajmohan Krishnan, whose vision has created a sanctuary for musical talent across the nation.

From his office on Magrath Road, the founder reveals the dual intent behind Ekatvam: to honor musicians through awards and to amplify young talents. The festival marks a moment of pride for Indian music lovers, as it is one of the few events that give equal voice to the resonant chords of both Hindustani and Carnatic music.

Rajmohan explains how this festivity, which has been a fixture since 2019, intersects with the kaleidoscopic festival of Holi. The essence of the Ekatvam Holi Music Fest lies in its pursuit of celebrating colors not just visually but through the spectrum of Indian music. Such an event gathers performers, aficionados, critics, and mentors to foster the traditions of Carnatic and Hindustani vocal, Carnatic duets and fusion, within an ambiance of shared appreciation and learning.

The approaching festival spots a lineup that speaks volumes of India’s rich artistic heritage. The roster includes Archana and Samanvi, Mysore Manjunath, Swarathmika Srikanth, Spoorthi Rao, alongside Venkatesh Kumar and Gurudutt Krishnamurthy, who will grace the stage with their accompanying artists.

The altruistic nature of the festival is evident in its free accessibility for attendees. Rajmohan stresses the importance of elder care within the purview of Ekatvam, citing personal ties to the cause through his family’s history and commitment to classical music. By removing technological barriers, the festival ensures that the joy of music reaches the hearts of all segments of society, especially the elderly, enriching their lives with the beauty of melody and rhythm.

The commitment to music becomes a healing gesture, an offering to those like Rajmohan’s late father, PV Krishnan – a connoisseur of Carnatic music who faced solitude after losing his partner. Ekatvam’s aim is to not only entertain but also to provide solace and companionship through the universal language of music.

The festivities, hosted at the Gayana Samaja since inception, have a vision for inclusion and expansion. In anticipation of the next year, plans are afoot to incorporate Indian classical dance, thereby broadening the festival’s repertoire to encompass an even wider spectrum of cultural expressions.

Commencing daily at 4pm, the concerts at Gayana Samaja are a testament to the belief that music should be a boundless offering. To immerse oneself in the magic of the Ekatvam Holi Music Fest’s daily program, enthusiasts are encouraged to explore the website or to seek information at the number 9739744747.

As the city of Bengaluru gears up for this symphonic confluence, a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation awaits. The festival not only presents an array of illustrious performances but also stands as a beacon of communal harmony, exemplifying the essence of Ekatvam – oneness in diversity.

By IPL Agent

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