Tea comes in a myriad of flavors, and if metal music is your cup of choice, you’re in for a treat. British progressive metal stalwarts, Tesseract, are all set to quench the thirst of Indian fans with their sonic brew later this month. Defining the contours of their genre with complex rhythms and an atmospheric sound, the quintet is made up of Acle Kahney on guitars, Jay Postones on drums, James Monteith also on guitars, Amos Williams on bass, and the dynamic Daniel Tompkins as the lead vocalist. Over their prolific career, Tesseract has produced five studio albums and their latest, ‘War of Being,’ is poised to captivate audiences with its fresh, introspective tracks.

The call to bring Tesseract to India was made due to their substantial following in the country, as revealed by Amarjeet Singha, president of international artist bookings and IPs at SkillBox, an art community platform. It’s been a silent stage for the band in India since their last visit, and for fans, the prospect of experiencing Tesseract’s new material from ‘War of Being’ live is nothing short of enthralling.

2022 saw Tesseract engaging philanthropically through their release ‘Regrowth,’ a double a-side conceived to support The Disasters Emergency Committee for the benefit of the Ukrainian people. Utilizing the platform of Bandcamp, an esteemed online hub for music aficionados and artists, the band offered two tracks, ‘Hollow’ and ‘Rebirth,’ with the hope that even the smallest contribution through their music could make a positive impact.

The long-anticipated ‘War of Being,’ featuring nine tracks, made its debut in September of the previous year, accumulating accolades from critics and fans alike. Characterized by thoughtful reinvigoration after a five-year hiatus, websites like Metal Storm praised the album’s strong footing in Tesseract’s discography, while Blabbermouth.net lauded its title track as the band’s most courageous and groundbreaking effort to date.

Tracing Tesseract’s footprints in India takes us back to their inaugural appearance at the Great Indian Rock festival in 2010, followed by magnetic performances at the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, Bengaluru’s Backdoors festival in 2018, with their previous sojourn occurring in 2019, per The Rolling Stone Magazine. Anmol Kukreja, founder and CEO of SkillBox, underscores the significant Indian fanbase for metal, with ticket sales climbing to a striking 85% in Bengaluru and 70% in Delhi and Mumbai, and expectations for each venue to be sold out with 20 days still on the clock.

The choice of cities for Tesseract’s performances is a strategic one. According to Roydon Bangera, chief business officer at SkillBox, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai were selected for their vibrant metal scenes and fervent fans. These cities are beacons of live music events and their consistent and passionate support for metal concerts creates an electrifying atmosphere that’s perfect for a band of Tesseract’s calibre.

The band’s tour itinerary includes Delhi’s Imperfecto Patio on April 26 at 8 PM, Mumbai’s Phoenix Marketcity on April 27 at 7 PM, and a performance at Bengaluru’s GYLT on April 28 at 8 PM. Fans eager to partake in this sonic journey can secure tickets starting at ₹2,499. Additional cover charges can be expected, and tickets are obtainable through skillboxes.com.

Finally, for those who live for live performances and yearn to discover the biggest events and festivals before they ignite the stage, this news serves as your peek into what’s bound to be one of the country’s most electrifying musical experiences. For committed metalheads and the musically curious alike, watching this space is the prelude to an unforgettable odyssey.

By IPL Agent

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