Tanishaa Mukerji Shares Holi Memories and Late Father’s Influence on the Festival

As the vibrant festival of Holi approaches, many in India and across the world are preparing for a celebration filled with colors, joy, and sweet reunions. For Bollywood actress Tanishaa Mukerji, this Holi season carries a dose of nostalgia and a tribute to her late father, the esteemed filmmaker Shomu Mukherjee. Tanishaa, sister of prominent actress Kajol, has been vocal about the significance of this festival in her life, particularly how it was celebrated in the Mukerji household with great enthusiasm.

“Well, this is one festival that I have always loved since childhood. I used to always be happy and excited about the idea of going out and playing with water and colours. This was also my father’s favourite festival. My dad always loved Holi and Holi in the Mukerji house was a big deal,” expressed Tanishaa. The warmth and fondness in her tone underscore how intertwined the festival is with her personal joy and the memories of her father.

Breaking away from the usual festivities, this year holds a different kind of celebration for Tanishaa. Amidst the array of colors and the joyous spirit of Holi, she plans to celebrate her belated birthday alongside her family. “Everyone used to come, and we used to throw lots of colors on everyone. As for this year, I will be having my belated birthday celebrations with my family tomorrow while remembering my late father,” she remarked.

Moreover, Tanishaa emphasized that Holi, beyond being immensely fun during one’s youth, grows into a more profound occasion with time. It becomes a moment to shed negativity and embrace the essence of life surrounded by loved ones. “Holi always reminds me of my dad and that’s why, it will be the perfect occasion to celebrate my birthday. Slowly and steadily, I realised how Holi is important in terms of removing all sorts of negativity from life,” she revealed.

In line with her eco-conscious beliefs, Tanishaa also expressed her plans to play Holi with organic colors and encouraged others to follow suit. Touching upon the decorative aspects of the festival, she shared her love for adorning her home with flowers and other eco-friendly elements. These preparations contribute to both a safer environment and a vibrant ambiance that complements the spirit of Holi.

And what is a festival without indulgence? Tanishaa admitted that she’s ready to set aside her diet for the day to enjoy some of her favorite sweets. “Holi celebrations are kinda incomplete without your favourite sweets and your favourite Indian desserts like Jalebi. So, keeping aside the fear of calories for a day, I am going to enjoy my favorite sweets as well.”

In recalling the exuberance of past Holis and the memory of her father, Tanishaa’s plans for this year’s festival are steeped in love, remembrance, and the true spirit of Holi. While she prepares for a day filled with organic colors, family, and sweets, her reflections reveal a personal and touching narrative that many can relate to – a narrative that underlines the human connection to cultural heritage and family traditions.

This sentiment and the traditions of Holi are shared by countless individuals who find in the festival a reflection of both communal joy and personal journeys. As Tanishaa sets an example of an environmentally conscious and meaningful celebration, she invites everyone to partake in the festivities with the same sense of togetherness and reverence.

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