Tamil actor ‘Adade’ Manohar passes away

The entertainment industry is mourning the loss of a revered artist, T.R. Murali Manohar, famously known as ‘Adade’ Manohar. The actor and writer took his last breath on Tuesday night in the city, succumbing to a sudden illness. At the age of 84, he left a legacy of laughter and versatile talent that shaped the Tamil entertainment scene for decades.

Those who knew him well could attest to his extraordinary abilities as both a performer and a writer, although many agree that he never fully received the acclaim he deserved for his creative endeavors. ‘Maadhu’ Balaji, an actor himself, remembered Manohar fondly. He recounted how he had been a fan of Manohar since his school days and how the legendary playwright Crazy Mohan had once assisted Manohar in securing a role in the film ‘Poikkal Kudhirai.’

Adade Manohar’s rise to fame was triggered by the hit commercial serial titled after his screen name, which aired on Doordarshan during the 1980s, forever immortalizing him in the hearts of his audience. His journey through the world of performing arts was marked by remarkable stage performances and roles in various television serials. His comedic talent shone bright as he performed with numerous troupes across the country, capturing the admiration and love of viewers with just his stage presence.

The world of Tamil serials and films was heightened by his contributions, including his depiction of memorable characters and situations that made audiences resonate with both humor and emotion. Friends like writer and director C.V. Chandramohan reminisce about Manohar’s versatility, highlighting that his art did not follow in others’ footsteps but rather carved its own unique path.

C.V. Chandramohan also shared insight into Manohar’s multi-talented nature, revealing his proficiency in Carnatic music. Manohar was not only an actor and writer but also a musician who graced the stage of concerts with his performances. His skill set included a repertoire that spanned about 20 films, with ‘Sontham 16’ among the noted works in his filmography.

In addition to his artistic endeavors, Manohar managed to balance a corporate job while pursuing his passion for acting—an ode to his dedication and determination as an artist. He traveled extensively, performing for the Gitanjali troupe and others, showcasing his talent throughout India.

His dedication to the performing arts and his incredible work ethic will be remembered by fans, fellow artists, and anyone who had the pleasure of witnessing his artistry firsthand. The void left by his passing will be felt deeply in the community, both as a loss to the stage and to the screen.

Adade Manohar is survived by three sons who, along with countless fans and colleagues, will cherish his memory and the rich legacy he leaves behind. His life’s work as an ace comedian, accomplished writer, and respected actor who endeavored to bring joy to countless faces will remain an indelible part of Tamil entertainment history.

As the curtains close on the life of one of Tamil entertainment’s cherished veterans, one can look back at his extensive career with a smile, remembering the countless times he inspired laughter and brought life to characters and stories that will be enjoyed for generations to come. Adade Manohar will be fondly remembered, and his contributions to the arts will continue to influence and entertain, preserving his memory as one that is synonymous with joy and creativity.

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