In an exclusive dialogue with, veteran actress Suchitra Krishnamoorthi opened up about her recent theatrical work, her views on social media’s influence on the entertainment industry, and her evolution as an artist beyond her early Bollywood beginnings.

Known for her memorable role in the 90s hit film ‘Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa’ with Shah Rukh Khan, Krishnamoorthi recently graced the stage at Experimental Theatre, NCPA, with the play ‘Ek Haan’, collaborating once more with Randhir Ranjan Roy, the duo having earlier worked on ‘Drama Queen’, a piece she penned and performed.

The journey to ‘Ek Haan’ was an unlikely one as Krishnamoorthi candidly recalled initially outright rejecting the Urdu script presented to her by Roy. Her unfamiliarity with the language was a barrier, but Roy’s conviction in her capabilities saw her through. “It’s a work that has given me immense satisfaction not only as an actor but also a deeper understanding of literature and the India of that era. Pre and post-partition,” she expressed.

Krishnamoorthi offered insights into the challenge of keeping theater relevant and economically viable in the digital age, emphasizing the need for larger audiences and heightened media attention to live performances.

Reflecting on her co-star turned megastar Shah Rukh Khan, Krishnamoorthi acknowledged the foresight of his destined fame but shared a sense of fatigue in constantly fielding questions about him. She commented with a playful exhaustion, “Of course. Everybody knew that he was destined for greatness. I’m exhausted answering questions about him frankly. But cannot seem to avoid that either.”

While the veteran actress wasn’t part of the initial wave of social media, she recognizes its importance in today’s star-making process and its role in providing livelihoods beyond traditional avenues. Despite admitting to a potentially dull Instagram presence, she accepts the platform’s role in the current landscape.

In a critique of the paparazzi culture, Krishnamoorthi mentioned the contrived nature of ‘airport looks’ and the forced spectacle of media engagements undertaken by some of her peers in the industry, calling it ‘ludicrous’.

Having selectively chosen her projects throughout her career, the actress conveyed her desire for privacy and expressed a distaste for fame, which she finds intrusive. Finding solace in anonymity while pursuing her craft would be ideal, she muses, but alas, that remains elusive in show business, where visibility is tantamount to success.

Suchitra Krishnamoorthi’s body of work spans various genres and mediums, including films like ‘Aag’, ‘Force’, ‘Romeo Akbar Walter’, and the web series ‘Guilty Minds’. A picky artist at heart, she clarifies her lack of conventional actor’s ambition, instead favoring the passionate pursuit of her craft.

Acknowledging the current entertainment landscape, Krishnamoorthi highlighted the wealth of opportunities now available to actors—opportunities that were rarer during her earlier career. “It’s a good time to be alive and active in the world,” she concludes, appreciating the evolution and scope of the creative industries today.

Indeed, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi’s journey from a beloved screen presence to a reflective thespian and social commentator illuminates the changing tides of artistic expression and celebrity in India. Her experiences offer a window into the confluence of tradition and innovation, forever shaping the Indian performing arts scene.

By IPL Agent

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