Sonam Kapoor borrows mom Sunita Kapoor’s 35-year-old gharchola for friend’s wedding quizzes fans about its significance

In a dazzling fusion of tradition and personal style, Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor Ahuja recently graced an event donning a maroon lehenga that held a special place in her heart. The ‘Neerja’ star disclosed to her fans and followers through social media that the ensemble was not a fresh off-the-rack purchase but her mother Sunita’s vintage 35-year-old Ghar Chola, an act that seamlessly blends the heirloom’s cultural significance with modern elegance.

Sonam shared a series of photographs on Instagram showcasing the ensemble, with an accompanying caption that expressed gratitude towards her mother for lending the saree and blouse. “Wearing my mom’s 35-year-old gharchola… Thanks, mama, for lending me this saree and blouse. Love raiding your closet. Do you know what a gharchola is and the significance of it?” Sonam queried her fans, encouraging them to share their knowledge in the comments section.

The post instantly became a sensation among her social media audience, drawing reactions from numerous fans as well as friends from the film fraternity. The blend of personal memories and cultural ethos represented by the gharchola resonated with many, showcasing Sonam’s deep connection with her traditional roots.

Her fashion choices have long been observed as a blend of personal expression and cultural homage. Sonam, discussing her fashion beliefs, has said, “I love fashion. My mum used to be a fashion designer. So, I grew up surrounded by fashion. When I entered the industry, I noticed that red carpet looks were not so common, in fact non-existent, and I wanted to wear beautiful things and go on the red carpet.”

Her individuality came to the fore as she started attending events adorned in high fashion, setting a precedent in Bollywood’s red-carpet culture. “My passion for films and fashion led me to create that impact,” Sonam added. She emphasizes that fashion should be enjoyable, a cheerful escape that allows one to appreciate life’s beauty without taking oneself too seriously.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s cinematic journey continued with her recent appearance in ‘Blind’, a movie directed by Shome Makhija, where she shares the screen with actors Purab Kohli, Vinay Pathak, and Lillete Dubey. The thriller marked her return to the silver screen after embracing motherhood. Sonam also disclosed that she’s all set to star in the forthcoming film ‘Battle for Bittora’, though other project details remain closely guarded.

The decision to return to acting was a considered one for Sonam, who consciously took a two-year sabbatical for her pregnancy and to cherish moments with her son Vayu, born in 2022. “I have signed onto two projects – one show and one film that I will start working on. It will release in another year, because that is how films work,” Sonam expressed regarding her professional trajectory post-maternity leave.

Sonam’s resolve to balance her work and personal life is clear as she plans to limit her workload to “two pieces of content every year,” ensuring she does not compromise on family time. Her conscientious approach to career and family life reflects the evolving dynamic of modern working mothers in the entertainment industry.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja’s recent sartorial choice at the event, her perspectives on fashion, and her professional plans convey a picture of a woman congruent with her roots yet forging her path with poise and grace. As fans eagerly anticipate her next on-screen venture, they also look forward to more stirring and deeply personal fashion statements from the versatile actress.

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