Sohail Khan to revive Salman Khan and Kapil Sharma-starrer ‘Sher Khan’ after 13 years

A decade after its initial announcement, actor-director Sohail Khan is finally ready to breathe new life into the once-shelved film project “Sher Khan.” This jungle-adventure movie, starring the formidable duo of superstar Salman Khan and actor-comedian Kapil Sharma, had created quite a buzz back in 2012 when it was unveiled as a high-octane, visually effects-driven cinematic experience.

“Sher Khan,” poised to showcase Salman Khan in the robust, valiant role akin to that of a “lion-hearted” superhero, fell into development hibernation due to the rapidly evolving standards of visual effects (VFX). Technology’s relentless march forward, witnessed particularly through the lens of Marvel movies, made it apparent that the movie’s special effects would be outdated by the time it reached audiences.

Speaking at the promotional event for the tenth installment of the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL), Sohail Khan shed light on the difficult decision to hold back the fielding of “Sher Khan” at the box office. He explained that every completed script seemed antiquated compared to the VFX marvels released by international studios. The pressure to compete with globally renowned franchises that set benchmarks for futuristic action was indeed taxing.

He confessed, “That’s one area where technology is growing by bounds. Every time we would finish the scripting of Sher Khan, I would watch another Marvel film and that used to make me feel backdated in terms of what I’ve written and how I want the action to be. I knew that by the time the film comes out, it would look backdated.”

In a world where cinematic presentation holds strong sway, combating the sense of obsolescence became critical. As Sohail pointed out, movies like those from Marvel and DC preempt the future of special effects, leaving others to play catch-up. It is their foresight that ensures the relevancy of their films upon release. He added, “Our action is more human, so when we go into technology-based action, there’s a slack. We think of the present times while the rest of the world keeps moving on.”

Nonetheless, the acclamation for Indian cinema’s flair for heartfelt, human-centric storytelling remains unchallenged. The transition to integrating high-level, technology-based action scenes presents a slippery slope for traditional narratives deeply rooted in human emotions and relationships. The pursuit now is to infuse those narratives with cutting-edge VFX without losing the essence of storytelling.

Amidst this revival of “Sher Khan,” Sohail Khan has also been active with the Celebrity Cricket League, a unique fusion of cricket and film industries drawing massive attention annually. A press conference was recently held on this front, featuring personalities like Bobby Deol and Saqib Saleem, elucidating the kick-off plans for the cricket bonanza.

Scheduled to commence on February 23 in Sharjah, and span over three weekends in India, CCL Season 10 is slated to feature more than 200 film superstars vying for the championship across eight teams, each representing different Indian film industries. Notable figures involved include Salman Khan as the brand ambassador of Mumbai Heroes, Riteish Deshmukh as the Captain, and Sohail Khan as the Owner, among several other luminaries from across the cinematic and sporting landscape.

The celebrity-studded cricket league promises nail-biting matches, pitching iconic film personalities against each other in a showcase of sportsmanship and entertainment. Planned to be live-streamed on channels like Sony Sports Ten 5 and Jio Cinema, along with various regional broadcasters, CCL Season 10 bridges the gap between two of India’s most beloved pastimes—cricket and cinema.

As “Sher Khan” awaits its rightful place on cinema’s horizon, Sohail Khan’s commitment to pushing boundaries in film and cricket exemplifies an era where passion projects no longer remain dormant. They evolve, challenging creators to envision a spectacle that stands the test of time and technology, resulting in unforgettable experiences both on screen and the cricket field.

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