Sini Shetty on representing India at Miss World 2024: It’s a huge responsibility

The journey from finance and accounting to the glitz and glamour of pageants is non-traditional, but Sini Shetty, the celebrated Femina Miss India 2022, has traversed this unique path. Stepping onto the global stage, she is all set to represent India at the illustrious Miss World 2024 competition. Her anticipation for the occasion is imbued with a sense of honour and an acute awareness of the responsibilities it entails.

Sini Shetty’s elation was palpable in her interview with ANI, where the beauty queen shared her excitement and the gravity of representing a nation on such a grand scale. “My representation means the world to me. I am not representing myself; I am representing 1.4 billion people, and that’s a huge responsibility altogether because you are representing Indian culture, diverse traditions that we have, the feelings and the emotions of each and every individual living in this country,” she articulated.

Endowed with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance, Sini is a testament to the unconventional paths that lead to the world of beauty pageants. Yet, it’s this distinctive background that sets her apart, reiterating the versatile nature of beauty and intelligence. In the light of this career switch, Sini fondly refers to herself as an “accidental tourist” in the beauty industry.

“I feel everything happens for a reason. God has been kind. I studied accountancy. I got a job in marketing and now I have landed here competing for Miss World. It is one of the biggest pleasures in my life. I hope I am back on bigger things using this platform,” she said.

Sini Shetty is not only a contender vying for the prestigious crown but also an embodiment of the Indian ethos, ready to showcase the nation’s rich and multifarious heritage to the world. As a beacon of hope and pride, she aims to use the Miss World platform for grander aspirations, potentially igniting positive change and inspiring others, proving that beauty pageants are about more than just aesthetics.

The excitement surrounding the event is further amplified by the fact that the 71st Miss World pageant is returning to India after a prolonged hiatus of 28 years. It is poised to be an epic congregation of beauty, talent, and cultural display in Mumbai on March 9. India, long admired for its stunning participants and strong record in international beauty pageants, awaits the return of this preeminent event with bated breath.

It’s a momentous homecoming for the pageant and an auspicious stage for Sini Shetty to shine and potentially follow in the footsteps of past Indian beauty queens who have brought home the coveted title. Renowned names such as Reita Faria, Aishwarya Rai, Diana Hayden, Yukta Mookhey, and Priyanka Chopra have previously won the Miss World crown, and Sini aspires to join this illustrious league of remarkable women.

While the anticipation builds, one cannot overlook the preparation, grace, and sheer determination that Sini is putting forth as she gears up for the challenge ahead—carrying the hopes and dreams of millions. As the event draws near, India and its diaspora worldwide await with optimism for Sini Shetty to step into the spotlight, showcase India’s unparalleled diversity, and possibly write a new chapter in the pageant’s storied legacy.

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