Singer Vasuda Sharma’s song for Maha Shivratri

In the spiritual fervor of Maha Shivratri, singer-songwriter Vasuda Sharma elevates the devotion with the release of her new video single, ‘Shiv Shiv: The Eternal Chant’. Weaving contemporary resonance into the traditional verses of the Tulsidas composition, her mellifluous rendition is a testament to the timeless allure of spiritual melodies.

The premiere of this devotional piece, under her brainchild label Song Nest, is a contemplative journey that immerses the audience in the sanctity of the Shiva theme. Capturing the video was the ace director of photography, Manoj Kumar Khatoi. The sacred Ganga River in Varanasi serves as the backdrop, where the ghats, cloaked in the ambience of reverence and the gentle strumming of Sharma’s ukulele, enrich the spiritual narrative.

Unwrapping the inception of the single, Vasuda reminisces how Varanasi calle out to Manoj the moment the chords unfolded their magic. Meticulous planning was not on the agenda as the duo decided to go ahead with the filming the very next day after a short reconnaissance—a spontaneous creation honouring the spontaneity of sacred inspiration.

Drawing from her formative years in Haryana, Vasuda recalls an environment steeped in devotion, predominantly echoing with Krishna bhajans. As a budding talent nurtured by her singer-aunt, the four-year-old prodigy swiftly mastered over 400 hymns dedicated to Krishna. Yet deep within, an inexplicable bond with Lord Shiva lingered and later blossomed into learning a soulful Shiva-centric song.

The lockdown period became a phase of rediscovery for Vasuda as she dived into the teachings of Sadguru and the Isha Foundation alongside her husband. This introspective period resurrected her childhood connection with the song devoted to Shiva. A pivotal moment was her pilgrimage to the divine Kailash Manasarovar—a mystic experience that beckoned her to express her enigma through music. With the auspicious Shivratri around the corner, the pieces fell into place to bring forth the ‘Shiv Shiv: The Eternal Chant.’

Reminiscing her former days with the pop band Aasma, which catapulted to fame post the Coke (V) Popstars talent hunt in 2003, Vasuda shares how the band’s journey—and ‘Chandu Ke Chacha’ among other hit tracks—fundamentally shaped her career trajectory. Being the band’s youngest charger at just eighteen, Vasuda’s family initially hesitated, harbouring conventional career dreams for her. Yet, through persistence and passion, she earned their consent to embark on a life-changing chapter.

The glittering exposé via Aasma—and collaborations with stalwarts like Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and Vishal Bhardwaj—bestowed Vasuda with a treasure trove of experiences. The thrills and bonding of the industry vistas embedded indelible prints in Vasuda’s musical voyage. She fondly treasures this epoch as the foundation for her today’s persona, backed by the invaluable support of her family.

With an impressive repertoire surpassing fifty original songs, Vasuda’s music incarnates the essence of her diverse influences. Transitioning from the traditional music of her hometown to the new echoes in Delhi’s convent school, Vasuda’s introduction to jazz, gospel, and Western music facilitated her evolution. Self-taught guitar chords opened new dimensions in her songwriting, distilling personal, societal, and spiritual inklings into her art.

Seeking to augment her forte, Vasuda pursued further studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, which enriched her profile both personally and professionally. A scholarship awarded to her eliminated fiscal hindrance, allowing her to absorb the global palette of her classmates’ narratives.

Confident and schooled in the global symphony, Vasuda embarked on the production of her album, ‘Astute Spirits’, through crowdfunding—a crystalline illustration of her growth as a composer and arranger. Her ambitious launch of her music label Song Nest epitomizes her zeal to cultivate a community levitating on artistic synergy.

Looking forward, Vasuda envisages her musical future to transcend singing as she explores her prowess in production and composition. Song Nest stands as a beacon for musical talent, eschewing the conventional business models to foster creativity and innovation—a stride towards a monumental wave in the music industry.

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