The signature track ‘Tillu Anna DJ Pedithe’ that once echoed through the hearts of fans has paved the way for its reincarnation. Ram Miriyala, the voice behind the 2022 smash hit from the film DJ Tillu, is all set to reprise his role as the musical maestro in the highly anticipated sequel, Tillu Square, scheduled to premiere on March 29. Alongside Achu Rajamani, Ram steps into the dual role of a singer and music director in the film. Among his contributions are two new songs, ‘Radhika’ and ‘Ticket eh Konakunda,’ both likely to tantalize listeners just as the recreated title track promises to do.

Each composition is carefully crafted to reflect the narrative arc of the protagonist, Tillu. Ram articulates that just like in the original film, the songs in Tillu Square are situational and aim to explore Tillu’s journey. With ‘Radhika,’ penned by Kasarla Shyam, the endeavor is to sprinkle humor onto the canvas of the hero’s romantic endeavors without resorting to clichés.

Fashioning a unique musical identity has not swayed Ram away from his roots as an independent artist, and his involvement in Tillu Square is strategic; limiting his contributions to just two songs rather than the entire album. This conscious choice underscores his broader career outlook, which does not revolve solely around cinema. Before his digital success and subsequent film offers, Ram was already a maven at concerts and YouTube performances. The transition to film, hence, was more of an expansion of his artistic expression rather than a transformation.

An easily recognizable figure in his ensemble of trousers, shirt, and his staple scarf and cap, Ram has developed an aesthetic that resonates with his audience. The attire is symbolic, bridging the gap between him and the everyman, an embodiment of his desire to be the people’s muse, reflecting their joys and sorrows through his artistry.

Ram’s versatility as a musician shines through in his ability to adopt various themes, including socio-political commentary. His belief in the power of music as a tool for connection and change is deep-seated. With a history of volunteering for medical camps and food drives, Ram discovered that his musical talents offered an alternate, perhaps more expansive, avenue to make a difference. In his view, music serves as an instrument of influence, capable of reaching and positively affecting a wider audience.

One of his most treasured creations, ‘Oooru Palletooru’ from Balagam, illuminates his personal connection to his work. Amidst the pastoral themes and agricultural imagery, Ram found a reflection of his own heritage in a farming family. The song became more than mere lyrics and melody—it evolved into an intimate narrative that commanded his own voice.

Looking ahead, Ram eagerly anticipates the release of ‘Aye,’ his next film project due in May, which features two of his compositions. Moreover, he plans to launch a few independent tracks throughout the year. One such track, entitled ‘Anandam’ (happiness), promotes the idea that beauty permeates every aspect of life, a philosophy Ram lives by and imparts through his music.

When not absorbed in his creative world or spending cherished moments with his seven-year-old daughter Meera, Ram indulges in an eclectic mix of musical genres. From Hindustani and Carnatic to Reggae and the inspirational melodies of Bob Marley, his restorative playlist reflects his desire to provide comfort to those battling pain and depression.

Ram Miriyala’s overarching mission is to craft music that acts not just as entertainment but also as a sanctuary. He envisages a connection with his audience, inviting them to confide in his songs—an aural embrace that reassures, “I am like your brother or friend; come, talk to me; I am always there for you.”

By IPL Agent

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