Singer Aditya Narayan grabs and throws fan’s phone during live concert video goes viral

The spotlight has shifted from the stage to a controversial incident involving the well-known singer Aditya Narayan during a live concert at Rungta College in Bhilai, Chattisgarh. In an incident that shocked onlookers and has since become a matter of viral sensation on social media, Aditya Narayan was seen losing control over his temper as he snatched and disposed of a fan’s phone with visible agitation.

The event unfolded while the artist, son of famed playback singer Udit Narayan, was performing ‘Aaj Ki Raat’—a popular number from the movie ‘Don,’ featuring Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Aditya Narayan, donning a denim jacket for the concert, seemingly was engaged in his usual interaction with the audience during the emotionally charged performance. However, the atmosphere rapidly shifted when Narayan approached the edge of the stage.

As he sang, Aditya Narayan abruptly turned to his left, and for reasons yet to be made clear, bent down slightly, reached into the crowd with his microphone extended, and appeared to collide with a fan. In a startling continuation of events, he swiftly seized the individual’s phone and disposed of it by hurling it into the distance, much to the surprise and dismay of the audience. Despite the commotion, the singer returned to his performance almost immediately, leaving a stunned audience to wonder what had triggered the outburst.

The incident was captured on video and has been circulating on social platforms, reigniting discussions about the singer’s past behavior. This recent event has many recalling Aditya Narayan’s notorious altercation at an airport in 2017, adding to a narrative that juxtaposes his melodic talents with a propensity for sharp temper flare-ups.

The 2017 controversy painted Narayan in a rather unflattering light, showing him in a heated spat with the airport staff at Raipur, in which the singer was caught on camera threatening and abusing an airline staff member with a particularly provocative taunt. Following that episode, he expressed regret for his actions, stating that it was a mere argument that ballooned due to disproportionate media attention.

Opening up about the distressing Raipur incident from 2017 in an exclusive discussion with, Aditya Narayan shared some introspection and glimpses of contrition. According to Narayan, he initially opted for silence on the matter, not wishing to stir further attention. Acknowledging his part in the argument, he felt that undue emphasis was placed on his actions alone, leading to escalated scrutiny vilifying his character. Nonetheless, Aditya Narayan maintained that he apologized to those directly involved and believed the matter should have concluded as a resolved personal disagreement.

With this most recent outburst at Rungta College, spectators and netizens are left to question the pressures and provocations that may lead an acclaimed artist to momentarily spiral into such unanticipated anger. Many have articulated their concerns and criticisms regarding what they consider ‘poor’ and ‘rude’ conduct by the singer through social media commentary. The video on Instagram, shared by mid-day among other platforms, further fuels the debate surrounding celebrity demeanor under the public gaze.

In the aftermath, while the exact motivations behind Aditya Narayan’s abrupt reaction remain a matter of speculation, the incident has undeniably impacted the singer’s public persona. Fans and critics alike are now engaging in broader conversations about the nature of celebrity privacy, the boundaries of fan interactions, and the challenges of maintaining composure under the relentless scrutiny of the spotlight.

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