Silver Screen Star to Political Aspirant: Kangana Ranaut Announces Candidacy in Lok Sabha Elections

National headlines buzz with a new political development as Bollywood icon Kangana Ranaut embarks on a fresh journey, trading her celebrated cinematic roles for a bid in the Indian political arena. Announced as the BJP’s contender for the Mandi seat in Himachal Pradesh in the party’s fifth list of candidates, Ranaut enters the electoral fray, featuring amongst 111 others vying for their political fortunes in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

The transition from acting to active politics has been greeted with enthusiasm and curiosity, as the acclaimed actress made her striking first appearance as a politician. In the spirit of the festival, Kangana extended Holi greeting to her supporters, expressing her gratitude for the invitation to serve her birthplace. Her candidature announcement, made on the auspicious occasion of Holi, underscores the vibrant connection she maintains with her roots in Mandi.

Delivering a heartfelt address, Kangana shared with ANI, in Hindi, “I extend greetings to everyone on Holi. This is my ‘janmabhoomi’ (birthplace) and it has called me back, I am fortunate…If they choose me, I will serve them. I am overwhelmed…” These sentiments reverberated across social media platforms, painting a deeply personal narrative of her political aspirations.

Amidst the festive ambiance, Kangana delved into the emotive dimensions of this career shift. “I’m extremely emotional,” she confided. “This is an emotional moment for me and my family.” She acknowledged the pivotal figures in the BJP who have supported her journey—national president JP Nadda, Union Minister Anurag Thakur, former Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jairam Thakur, Home Minister Amit Shah, and notably, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for entrusting her with this new role.

A journey marked by resilience, Ranaut reminisced about the challenges surmounted in her ascent to fame, drawing parallels to the rigors of political engagement. “I left home at a very young age to pursue my profession and faced many obstacles,” she reflected, suggesting that these experiences have steeled her for the service of her people.

Her decision to step into the political arena was not made lightly. In a preceding interview with TV9 Bharatvarsh, Kangana voiced a felt sense of duty towards the nation that transcends her cinematic achievements. “I have literally fought from film sets with political parties,” she disclosed, underscoring her readiness to deepen her patriotic contributions through a formal political role.

Ranaut’s narrative is that of a nationalist, a sentiment she feels heavily characterizes her public image, sometimes overshadowing her stellar acting career. Acknowledging the love and appreciation from her countrymen, she embraces a profound desire to reciprocate.

Kangana’s foray into politics aligns with the BJP’s trend of fielding celebrities in electoral contests—a strategy that has seen mixed results across the Indian political spectrum. Veteran actor Arun Govil, beloved for his portrayal of Lord Ram in the epic television series ‘Ramayan,’ has also been roped in to bolster the party’s prospects in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

As the nation looks ahead towards the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, Kangana Ranaut’s candidacy introduces an intriguing dynamic to the political discourse. Her entry symbolizes a fusion of cinematic allure and potential political influence—an amalgamation that the voters of Mandi and beyond will evaluate as they cast their ballots.

Whether her stardom will translate into electoral success remains to be seen, but for now, the stage is set for Kangana Ranaut to test her mettle in the complex theatre of Indian politics. The public eye is fixed on her campaign, poised to witness the unfolding of this new chapter in her storied career.

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