Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham’s Department of Visual Communication located in the culturally-rich city of Mysuru is set to create a cinematic extravaganza with the 6th iteration of the national level short film festival – aptly named Cinerama 2024. The festival is scheduled to light up the university’s premises in Bogadi II stage on the 16th and 17th of February.

The much-anticipated event is not merely a showcase but also a competition that celebrates the art of short film making. Cinerama 2024 is a fertile launching pad for filmmakers, serving as a dynamic platform for students and professionals from across the breadth of India to express their cinematic talents. The celebration of visual storytelling will not only display an array of short films but will also offer engaging workshops and interactive sessions with leading names in the film industry.

Facets of the festival will dive into the nuances of film editing and the intriguing new world of content acquisition for Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms. Panels will discuss the ever-expanding universe of non-fiction entertainment and the viable career opportunities it presents. Furthermore, two noteworthy sessions will grace the event: “Selected Takes” with renowned film editor and director Appu N. Bhattathiri and “Tales over the Top,” taking attendees behind the scenes of OTT content giants with Swati Sapna from Netflix India.

The essence of Cinerama 2024 aligns with providing an illuminating experience for students, giving them hands-on exposure to the craft of short film making. To facilitate this, the festival has divided its competitions between students and professionals, ensuring a fair and encouraging environment for new talent.

Recognizing excellence in short film creation is at the very heart of Cinerama 2024. The top three best entries are set to be honored with cash prizes. The film adjudged the best will be enriched with a ₹10,000 prize, the second-place winner will receive ₹7,000, and the third place will be awarded ₹5,000. It doesn’t end there – additional cash prizes will be up for grabs in various categories including Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Performer, Best Cinematographer, and Best Editor, each aiming to celebrate the distinct aspects of filmmaking.

Adding to the spirit of healthy competition, the event has incorporated a ’60 hour film making challenge,’ which commenced earlier in the year. This unique challenge serves to embolden would-be filmmakers to conceptualize, create, and complete a short film within the restricted timing, fostering creativity and time management.

The grand inauguration of Cinerama 2024 will see acclaimed Kannada film director P Sheshadri gracing the opening ceremony on February 16. The festival also received a touch of star power with the eminent presence of veteran actress Vinaya Prasad as the chief guest.

The valedictory and award ceremony, set for February 17, promises to be equally glittering. Actor Nenapirali Prem, alongside the talented singer and music director Guru Kiran, will take on the roles of chief guests for the ceremony. The gala will further be embellished with the attendance of the proprietors of DRC Multiplex Cinemas, Vaishali and Hanumanth, as guests of honour.

Cinerama 2024 presents a creative symphony for up-and-coming filmmakers and industry aficionados alike. It offers a unique convergence of experience, expertise, and raw talent, all coming together in the serene backdrop of Mysuru. Film enthusiasts and the artistically inclined mark your calendars for a festival that promises to enlighten, engage, and celebrate the art of cinema in one of its most compelling forms – the short film.

By IPL Agent

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