Shilpa Shetty’s Sync with Yoga: More Than Just a Workout Routine

Amid the challenge of rising on our heels and maintaining equilibrium on one leg, we relearn the intricate art of muscle activation. Shilpa Shetty Kundra, a beacon of wellness, guides us simultaneously to focus on our breath with diligent attention. It becomes apparent that this venerated fitness idol has deftly mastered the harmony of physical and mental fitness.

During a recent photoshoot, Shilpa plants herself determinedly on her yoga mat to engage in breathwork with her instructor, remaining in her meditative state well beyond what the simple photo opportunity would require. The perplexity is palpable between the photographer and myself—do we intervene? The moment is spared by her publicist, who imparts that Shetty’s practice demands a set number of cycles before a rightful completion.

In a conversation that follows, Shetty unveils her perspective on impromptu chances for wellness: “Chance pe dance,” she revels in the unexpected meditative opportunity, having replaced her usual regimen with our interview. Onlookers are often mystified by how a mere five minutes of such practice could sustain the youthful radiance of Shetty, nearing her fifties yet gracefully outshining peers in their thirties. Similarly, they question the efficacy of 15-minute workout snippets flooding media outlets, inaccurately branded as her all-encompassing fitness mantra.

Yet, as we take to the mat with Shetty, keenly aware that a mere dabbling in yoga won’t suffice for wellbeing, the actress acknowledges that sporadic online content seldom caters adequately to the baffled masses. Hence, she emphasizes the need to comprehend the underlying science of fitness.

“I yearn for the camaraderie of those who are fit, for they are the diligent souls, consistent and reverent towards their bodies,” she delineates fitness beyond mere aesthetics, advocating for a profound respect for one’s physical needs. Yet, she expresses a tinge of exasperation over the frivolous attribution of ‘being blessed’ to her athletic feats.

“People assume it comes effortlessly,” Shetty confides, revealing that her husband has witnessed her vulnerabilities to weight gain and hormonal shifts just as any other individual might experience. Parenting, full-time work, and grappling with complex yoga postures are part of her reality too. Despite such challenges, her belief in yoga’s curative power remains resolute.

Post Big Brother, her public embracement of yoga was no clandestine affair. The actor, once exposed to the global eye through the show, embraced the advocacy of yoga, lamenting its low uptake among the youth. With humor and a self-referential nod, she insists that yoga preemptively combats the ageing process, rather than merely serving as a remedy for the aged.

As time has unfolded, it is undeniable that Shetty’s integrated regimen of mental and physical health stands paramount. For her, wellness extends beyond exercise into the realms of life, language, thought, and sustenance. Echoing the principles of a bygone era—of mindful eating and hydration—she advocates for a holistic life.

Interestingly, her social media, once a canvas of yogic postures, now sometimes showcases her strength training escapades. Embracing weight training in her forties, she elucidates its role in countering the natural decline of muscle mass and crafts it into her cinematic exigencies, like for Indian Police Force, where formidable kicks were the order of the day.

Envisioning a future where her fitness goals continue to evolve in tandem with her growth, Shetty quips about possibly performing hand-walking feats in the next decade. Each year, she and her trusted trainer Raj Panigrahi set forth new objectives, reinforcing her dedication to elevate her athletic prowess.

Amid the arduous bends and breaths, Shetty’s consistency resonates with an ethos that transcends the typical confines of a workout routine. It’s a tapestry of lifestyle choices that she intricately weaves, mirroring the balance she maintains poised on her yoga mat, exuding an unyielding inner strength—a harmony well depicted both in photoshoots and beyond.

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