Shekhar Kapur’s cook Nilesh manages to write script for Mr. India 2 with AI help director says ‘I’m taken aback’

In an astonishing turn of events, celebrated Indian filmmaker Shekhar Kapur has delivered a stirring narrative that could befit the premise of a futuristic film itself. The director, known for his prowess in the cinematic arts, recounted a tale that bridges the gap between humble daily living and technological wonder. Kapur’s cook, identified as Nilesh, who did not pursue education beyond the 11th grade, has remarkably penned the script for the anticipated sequel to the iconic Bollywood film ‘Mr. India’ using the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Nilesh has been an employee in the Kapur household for 18 years, evolving from a cook to a domestic aide, and eventually becoming akin to a family member. Despite having chosen not to continue formal education, Nilesh showed a glimmer of creative potential that went unnoticed until the advent of AI tools like Google Gemini came into their lives. As the sun rose one morning, Kapur’s social media account illuminated with a post that could very well be the harbinger of a creative renaissance powered by AI. It read: “This is Nilesh. 11th fail. Been working with me 18 years. Cook, house boy, now more a friend. Refused to study more!” The tweet continued to unfold the remarkable story: “6am he discovers #GoogleGemini. 7am starts writing a story for #MrIndia2. 8am asks me to read it. I’m taken aback. The great new #AI #creative revolution is here!”

This narrative reflects not only the remarkable capabilities of Nilesh but also the democratizing force of AI in the creative process. With the touch of a button and the guidance of an AI program, barriers to artistic expression are rapidly dissolving, empowering individuals from all walks of life to create content that could previously take months, if not years, to develop.

Previously, Kapur himself delved into the capabilities of AI by challenging the chatbot ChatGPT to devise a storyline for ‘Masoom 2’, another sequel to one of his acclaimed movies. The director was astounded by the chatbot’s understanding of the original film’s thematic essence. Kapur’s endeavor with ChatGPT showcased how AI grasped the nuances of a child’s sense of abandonment and journey to eventual forgiveness and understanding of parental challenges. The act highlighted the intuitive leap AI has made in terms of grasping human emotions and narrating them eloquently in story form.

‘Mr. India’, the foundation of this story, is a beloved 1987 Bollywood science fiction superhero film, which was directed by none other than Shekhar Kapur himself. The storyline circled Arun Verma, portrayed by Anil Kapoor, a man who stumbles upon a device that grants invisibility. With this powerful tool, Arun decides to shield the downtrodden and confront evil, hence becoming a folk hero of sorts. The film is dear to millions and holds a legacy rich with nostalgia and innovation in Indian cinema.

The power of AI has once more shown its potential as a disruptive force in human creativity and storytelling. Nilesh’s emergence as a screenwriter, regardless of his educational background, emphasizes that AI can indeed be a great equalizer in the realm of content creation. While questions about the implications of AI’s growing influence in artistry linger, one thing is sure – AI is here, and it is reshaping the canvas upon which humanity paints its stories.

Shekhar Kapur’s revelation about both his own experiences with AI and Nilesh’s surprise scriptwriting capabilities represents the dawning of a new epoch in creativity. It suggests a future where anyone can translate their vision into narratives that captivate audiences, breaking the barriers of educational qualification and traditional pathways in the film industry. The flames of the ‘AI creative revolution’, as Kapur puts it, have been kindled, and it seems the world is poised to watch a blaze of untapped potential and innovative storytelling alight.

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