In a recent display of unwavering self-respect and eloquence, Bollywood actress Shamita Shetty struck back at an online troll who dared to belittle her over her personal choice to remain unmarried. The incident unfolded on social media, where individual lives are often under the microscope and subject to commentary from the anonymous masses.

On her Instagram stories, Shamita Shetty, well-known for her roles in Bollywood cinema and as the sister of actress Shilpa Shetty, encountered a disdainful remark regarding her single status. The comment, laced with condescension, bluntly pointed out, “Buddy Shetty 50 years have passed and there is no man.” This unsolicited jab at her personal life provoked a response from Shamita, who chose not to remain silent.

Retorting to the vitriolic statement, Shamita penned a dignified and assertive message. “I want to take time out to respond to this very kind lady trying to put another woman down for not being married. Kudos to you. Mission successful,” she began sarcastically. Delving into a more earnest note, she declared, “FYI getting married is not my only purpose in life. Being happy and content and independent in life with gratitude in my heart always is.”

Shamita punctuated her reply with well-wishes, despite the negativity thrust upon her, offering, “Wishing you a lot of positivity in your life. I hope you never try to pull another woman down again. If you have nothing nice to say to people, best be quiet.” Her retort was not only a personal comeback but also a broader statement against societal pressures and the stigma attached to women who are single by choice or circumstance. Bringing an empowering viewpoint to the forefront, she touched upon the subjective nature of happiness and the multifaceted purpose one may have in life, detached from societal expectations of marriage.

This is not the first time that Shamita Shetty has had to handle public scrutiny. Having spent years in the limelight after her debut in the YRF production ‘Mohabbatein’ in 2000, she has been no stranger to the fame and the accompanying scrutiny. The film was a significant one, starring stalwarts like Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, and Aishwarya Rai, along with an ensemble cast including Uday Chopra, Jimmy Shergill, Jugal Hansraj, Preet Jhangiani, and Kim Sharma.

Despite the challenges of being a public figure, Shamita’s interaction with this troll underscored her personal resilience and sense of autonomy. Social media platforms have often been stages for shaming and trolling, especially aimed at women in the public eye challenging traditional norms. Shamita’s incident serves as a reminder of the pervasive mindset that still attempts to define a woman’s worth based on her marital status.

The commendable stance taken by Shamita Shetty gained her respect and support from both fans and peers alike, as many rallied to laud her for her boldness and honesty. Her message was clear: individual happiness and a sense of fulfillment should not be tethered to one’s marital status, and women should be free to chart their course in life without unwarranted judgment or social pressure.

In a lighter vein, Shamita was also celebrated by her sister, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, on her birthday which fell on the 2nd of February. Shilpa shared an endearing video compilation on her Instagram handle, painting a picture of Shamita’s passions, from dancing to gardening. Accompanied by a playful jest about Shamita’s love for flowers and butterflies, Shilpa expressed her heartfelt wishes for her sister accompanied by a promise to make the year ahead ‘epic,’ hoping it would be filled with laughter, surprises, great health, and ‘maybe a little mischief.’

As we move forward in an increasingly digital age where personalities are often dissected by the public, Shamita Shetty’s encounter is a timely commentary on personal independence and societal judgments. Her mature handling of the troll’s comment stands testament to her strength of character and serves as an inspiration to many who face the arbitrary assessments meted out in the virtual world.

By IPL Agent

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