Shailene Woodley Jack Whitehall join ‘Girl in the Clouds’ voice cast

The animated skies of ‘Girl in the Clouds’ are set to resonate with the distinct voices of American actor Shailene Woodley and English comedian Jack Whitehall, as reported by Variety. In an exciting development for animation aficionados, both Woodley and Whitehall have been confirmed to join the voice cast of the highly anticipated feature directed by the skilled Philippe Riche.

The film, penned by the collaborative genius of Riche and Luc Bossi, finds its roots in the imaginative world of Romain Puertolas’ best-selling novel ‘The Little Girl Who Swallowed a Cloud as Big as the Eiffel Tower.’ Capturing the essence of the novel, ‘Girl in the Clouds’ embarks on a magical journey — one that begins production in May 2024 and is set to sweep audiences off their feet with a summer 2026 release.

Fans are in for a narrative treat as ‘Girl in the Clouds’ unfolds the tale of Providence, a character who stumbles upon a mystical quill with reality-altering abilities. With the stroke of a pen, Providence’s written words conjure reality, an enormous responsibility that sets a poignant question before her: Should she chase her dreams or pivot her newfound power to save the world?

Shailene Woodley is not a stranger to cinematic endeavors that challenge perceptions, and her recent project choices bear witness to her diverse portfolio. Fresh from her role in Michael Mann’s ‘Ferrari,’ Woodley’s upcoming performances are rich in variety. Audiences can look forward to seeing her in the Starz series adaptation of Lisa Taddeo’s best-selling novel ‘Three Women,’ a narrative exploration of female desire. Furthermore, Woodley is set to shine in Amazon Studios’ ‘Killer Heat,’ a feature that places her alongside revered actors Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Richard Madden.

Jack Whitehall, a versatile actor known for his comedic timing, completes filming for ‘Fatherhood With My Father’ for Netflix, a project that perhaps taps into the substantial facets of paternal relationships. His repertoire continues to expand with his next appearance in the Amazon Prime drama ‘Malice,’ promising to showcase his breadth as an actor in a different light.

‘Girl in the Clouds’ signifies a confluence of narrative allure and vocal charm, promising audiences not just a visual spectacle but an auditory journey that stands to touch the soul. The collaboration of talents like Woodley and Whitehall, guided by the visionary hands of Riche and Bossi, fortifies the promise that ‘Girl in the Clouds’ will be more than just an animated feature—it’s poised to become a storytelling experience.

With the voice cast now fleshed out with such prominent figures, the film is shaping up to be a significant landmark in the realm of animated storytelling. The music of Providence’s written dreams and dilemmas will, without a doubt, resound deeply in the hearts of movie-goers, as they are invited to witness a world where the power of words transcends the boundaries of the page and blossoms into reality.

As the world eagerly anticipates the cinematic wonder that ‘Girl in the Clouds’ is set to be, it’s clear that with every additional announcement, the sky’s the limit for the potential of this animated marvel. With Woodley and Whitehall on board, the horizon is undoubtedly bright for this enchanting tale that is geared to capture the imagination and inspire dreamers of every age when it finally graces theaters in the summer of 2026.

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