Shah Rukh Khan’s latest shirtless look for son Aryan’s D’Yavol’s new campaign sets the Internet on fire

Bollywood’s ‘King of Romance’, Shah Rukh Khan, is no stranger to making headlines. In his latest internet-breaking moment, the actor has displayed his timeless appeal by going shirtless for an advertisement, showing off his impressive physique to endorse his son Aryan Khan’s newly launched fashion label, D’YAVOL X.

Capturing the imagination of millions with just a sneak peek into the luxurious world of D’YAVOL X, King Khan posted the ad campaign across social media platforms, showcasing his muscular physique—a look that’s reminiscent of his role in the high-octane 2023 movie ‘Pathaan’. In the promotional snippet, the superstar sports long hair and a full beard, adding to his ruggedly handsome allure. Shah Rukh’s ensemble is completed by a pair of black sunglasses while casually holding a glass. His sculpted biceps and defined abs have been a hot topic amongst devoted followers and the general public alike, becoming one of the viral sensations of the year.

The promotional video took a prime spot at Mumbai airport, capturing the attention of travelers and fans who passed by. Sharing the campaign, an excited SRK wrote about his eagerness to unveil the “new lifestyle stuff” that’s poised to hit the market soon, expressing his particular fondness for the showcased cargos.

The response to this visual feast has been electric, with legions of fans taking to their digital devices to extol their love and admiration for the enduring star. The reception of the campaign reflects the extraordinary affection SRK commands. Comments ranged from declaring him irreplaceable to exclaiming their fascination with his ‘Pathaan look’. Such a reaction is a testament to Shah Rukh Khan’s impact and his ability to set trends, spark conversations, and redefine the limits of Indian cinema and celebrity culture.

In a powerful move of family collaboration, Aryan Khan, Shah Rukh’s elder son, directed the advertisement, making his directorial debut with a video that father and son both starred in. This venture marks the younger Khan’s creative flair and entrepreneurial journey as he spearheads the luxury apparel brand.

Busy carving his own path in the entertainment industry, Aryan Khan is simultaneously directing an upcoming series titled ‘Stardom’. This new project sees him don multiple hats as the showrunner, writer, and director, signaling his burgeoning prowess within Bollywood’s dynamic landscape.

Meanwhile, Shah Rukh Khan himself had an astounding year in 2023 with a trifecta of blockbuster successes including ‘Pathaan’, ‘Jawan’, and ‘Dunki’. Fans of the superstar will be elated as he recently unveiled intentions to begin shooting his next project in the spring of 2024, with anticipation already high for another box office spectacle. The latest of his releases, ‘Dunki’, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani, also featured Taapsee Pannu and Vicky Kaushal. Following its successful run in cinema halls starting December 21, the film is expected to make its entry on digital streaming platforms, allowing a wider audience to enjoy this tale of aspiration and immigration.

Shah Rukh Khan’s enthralling journey continues to excite and inspire, as he seamlessly transitions from one role to another—be it an adored actor, a devoted father, or the face of an innovative fashion campaign. With this latest venture, the Khan legacy lives on, skillfully blurring the lines between the realms of Bollywood glamour and the fashion industry with panache and vigor.

As the world awaits what’s next from both father and son, one thing is certain: The Khans continue to reign supreme in their respective domains, captivating hearts and shaping cultural narratives with their artistic and entrepreneurial endeavors.

(With inputs from IANS)

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