Shah Rukh Khan boasts of his influence across the world jokes about the new ‘British Raj’

The indomitable presence of Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan, popularly known as King Khan, once again radiates across international waters as his film ‘Dunki’ makes its way onto the global platform of Netflix. To celebrate the occasion, the actor has presented his audience with a whimsical promotional video that showcases his delightful blend of humor and charm, alongside his grand international appeal.

In the video, Shah Rukh Khan can be seen swaggering into a visa office, donning a black suit paired with stylish goggles. The scene brims with anticipation as Ashwin Mushran, playing the role of the unsuspecting visa officer, encounters the superstar. King Khan, with charisma characteristic of his three-decade-long career, attempts to negotiate a single visa allowing him access to 190 countries—a humorous nod to his worldwide influence.

The officer’s skepticism sets the stage for Shah Rukh to list his global impact with plea-worthy wit. He mentions a ‘new British Raj’, highlighting an amusing scenario where every third man in England bears the name Raj, a reference likely spurred by the actor’s influential role in the film ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.’ SRK even throws in a timely jest about Brexit, cleverly incorporating iconic dialogue from his expansive filmography.

Further to his credit, Khan claims to have instructed South Koreans on the art of love—an affectionate shoutout to the globally adored K-pop group, BTS. The camera captures his playful “Love you BTS”, creating a tender moment for fans everywhere. Khan’s wide reach even extends to the United States, humorously depicted through his on-camera actions aligned with the Statue of Liberty.

Despite the actor’s commendable efforts and the light-hearted negotiations, the promotional video culminates in his visa application being humorously rejected.

‘Dunki’, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani, originally hit theaters in December. The film features a stellar cast, including Taapsee Pannu and Vicky Kaushal, and narrates the story of individuals embarking on the treacherous ‘donkey route’ to immigrate from India to London. Since its theatrical release starting December 21, ‘Dunki’ has captivated audiences, and its transition to Netflix signifies the digital continuation of its success.

Adding to his celebratory moments, Shah Rukh Khan has had an extraordinary year with his cinematic comeback. After a notable hiatus of four years, the global superstar returned to the silver screen with a trio of blockbusters—’Pathaan’, ‘Jawan’, and ‘Dunki’ in 2023, all setting impressive records at the box office.

The admiration for Shah Rukh Khan transcends the features of his films. The actor’s acknowledgment of this love was apparent during a meet-and-greet event in Mumbai earlier in the month, where he expressed heartfelt gratitude toward his fans for their unwavering support. Shah Rukh Khan Universe Fan Club captured and shared a video where he voiced his anxiety about returning to cinema after a period of perceived setbacks but found reassurance in the affection and encouragement from his fans both in India and abroad.

The anticipation around the actor’s future endeavors continues to build. Unconfirmed reports suggest that Shah Rukh might be working on a film with director Sujoy Ghosh, which is likely to star his daughter, Suhana Khan, who recently debuted in ‘The Archies.’

As Shah Rukh Khan reflects on the unwavering love and endorsement of his global fanbase, his humorous visa endeavor underlines the star’s impact on international cinema and beyond. Audiences can now stream ‘Dunki’ on Netflix and witness the craftsmanship of Khan and Hirani in a narrative that traverses the complex themes of aspiration, identity, and home.

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