Serenading the Waves: Chennai’s Unique Oceanfront Pink Moon Musical Soiree

The appetite for live music has been steadily growing, creating a collective yearning for experiences that are more than just concerts—they are moments to cherish under the natural canopy of the sky, frequently the sun, and occasionally the intriguing glow of a full moon. Among these sought-after musical escapades, one event stands out as a siren call to music enthusiasts, beckoning them to the charm of the open sea under the moonlight.

The Madras Commune (TMC) has made a name for itself over the past two years as a close-knit collective of artists, providing not just performances but intimate gatherings that showcase both emerging and well-known talent. Their venues have ranged from cozy cafés to airy rooftops, spotlighting local culinary delights alongside soulful melodies. But now, they’ve taken a bold leap into a unique concert setting—the serene waters of the Bay of Bengal.

With a refreshing twist, TMC’s Pink Moon concert series brings the audience to the embrace of the ocean, off the coast of Chennai. “We were inspired by our proximity to Thiruvanmiyur beach and wanted to venture into the ocean for a concert,” shared Ashwin Kashyap R, the brainchild behind TMC. Assembling this production was not without its hurdles, as Kashyap and his team navigated the intricacies of maritime logistics to create an enchanting experience.

Ashwin’s wife Maalavika Sundar, a singer herself, sparked the initiative for these intimate gatherings. TMC has now curated 18 such musical experiences, drawing in crowds seeking personal connections with the music. And for their upcoming Pink Moon concert, TMC is excited to feature Priyanka NK, known for her stint on Super Singer.

The Pink Moon concert, thus named due to its cosmic coincidence with last April’s full moon, extends its appeal beyond the auditory senses; it’s a visual and tactile voyage. Attendees board an eight-seater fisherman boat at Muttukadu boat house, and navigate towards a floating stage, where the performance unfolds. The audience’s boats are anchored in a semicircle around the artist, creating a collective yet intimate stage.

Safety, a principle ingrained in Kashyap from his days as a commercial pilot, plays a pivotal role. Engaging the local fishing community, he ensures that all precautions are in place. The boats are secured with bamboo sticks, remaining stationary even during the swelling tides at night.

Collaborations have also been instrumental for TMC, especially with the Tourism Department (TTDC). TTDC’s Managing Director, Sandeep Nanduri, proposed an inclusive approach, using Muttukadu’s entire fleet, thus transforming the concert into a collaborative tourism venture. This partnership aims to spotlight tourism and intends to expand across various boathouses throughout Tamil Nadu.

At the concert itself, each boat is equipped with a lifeguard operator and harbors eight to ten members. The musical oeuvre floats across the water, powered by silent generators on a separate vessel, carefully omitting subwoofers to avoid disturbing marine life. Additionally, the local surfing community contributes by offering safety and rescue training to concertgoers.

TMC maintains a strict safety protocol, having boat operators ensure that the audience refrains from excessive movement. This cautious approach is why the event is restricted to participants who are 18 years and above.

When night descends on the 25th of March at Muttukadu boat house, the Pink Moon boat concert will come alive once again. For those eager to be part of this unique musical journey, tickets are available on, priced at ₹2,250. This merging of melodies with the gentle ebb and flow of the sea promises to be an ethereal experience—where the constellations witness the marriage of artistry and the ocean’s timeless rhythm.

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