Security beefed up for Bhai’s bhai-in-law

In an increasingly vigilant move, Mumbai Police have extended their protection services to the close relatives of one of Bollywood’s most prominent stars, Salman Khan, as they face potential threats. Aayush Sharma, Salman Khan’s brother-in-law, is slated to commence a promotional tour for his new film, ‘Ruslaan,’ and the added security measures highlight a heightened level of concern for the family’s safety.

The mesh of security around Salman Khan tightened late last year, as the actor found himself the recipient of death threats issued by gangster Lawrence Bishnoi. Mumbai Police, assessing the gravity of the situation, bestowed upon him Y-plus security. The threat landscape was assessed anew in November following the emergence of additional menacing messages aimed at the luminary. Acting upon intelligence reports received earlier in the month, law enforcement officials have upgraded their protocols to ensure the actor’s safety.

It is within this context of sustained menace that the actor’s kin, particularly his brother-in-law Aayush Sharma, finds himself under the protective umbrella of the Mumbai Police. Sharma is on the verge of beginning an extensive promotional campaign for his incipient action film, ‘Ruslaan.’ To ensure his well-being during the media events, which are on the itinerary for this month, police personnel will shadow his presence.

Details emerging from an anonymous source intimate that Sharma will not only be securely escorted but will also be ensconced in Salman’s own bulletproof vehicle for travel to the various promotional venues. This detail bears special significance considering Salman Khan had just last year made a significant investment in a new bulletproof car, undoubtedly as a direct response to the perils that had begun to orbit his life.

In a dramatic twist, it was disclosed following the threats that were made public on social media platforms against Khan in November 2023, that an intense investigation was initiated to locate the internet protocol (IP) address linked to the menacing posts. In a clear validation of the peril Khan faces, he has even received authorization to carry a personal firearm for self-defense.

Wrapped in the deeper context of Bollywood’s brush with the underworld, this incident throws into stark relief the hidden costs of fame within the film industry. It reminds onlookers of the vulnerable intersection where public life meets personal security. The Mumbai Police have been spurred to vigorously pursue any leads that could unveil the origin of the threats directed at Khan as well as scrutinize the broader web of connections that may surround this case.

The consequences of these threats reach beyond the immediate circle of the actor himself. For Aayush Sharma, the promotional itinerary for his upcoming film has transformed into an exercise of heightened caution and security. The authorities are bracing for any eventualities and have positioned security as a non-negotiable priority.

As Aayush Sharma steps out to engage with media and audience alike, he does so under the watchful gaze of a security apparatus determined to prevent any harm from befalling him or disrupting the promotional activities for ‘Ruslaan.’ Like Salman, Sharma must now navigate the realities of a life that merges the worlds of high-profile entertainment and personal risk management.

The steady escalation in security measures for both Salman Khan and his family members underscores the ongoing concerns regarding their safety. It also brings to the fore questions about the nature of celebrity status and the vulnerabilities it entails. For Salman Khan and his kin, the blend of stardom and security remains an urgent and ever-present concern as they continue their endeavors in the film industry amidst the shadows of threats.

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