Sculptor Dimpy Menon expresses her feelings in bronze at ‘The Song of Life’ show in Delhi

“The forms I sculpt are what I want them to be. It is my language to express my feelings.” These are the words of Bengaluru-based artist Dimpy Menon, a maestro of the medium of bronze, who translates her introspections and observations into tangible art. Currently, her talents are being showcased at the ‘The Song of Life’ exhibition at Gallery Art Positive in Lado Sarai, where visitors have the opportunity to witness 16 of her works, each imbued with a sense of vibrancy and dynamism.

The exhibition is a reflection of life’s nuanced dances—capturing moments of living through physical movements such as dance, acrobatics, yoga, and more. Menon’s show includes a range of sculptures varying in size from tabletop pieces to large installations, some extending up to six feet in height. These figures are not static but are caught in mid-motion, inviting viewers to pause and consider the instances that stitch together the tapestry of life.

Sculptor Dimpy Menon, with a career spanning over four decades, showcases six months of recent labor manifested through her newest collection of bronze sculptures. Her work integrates memories and experiences, presenting not only her artistic journey but also her inquisitive nature concerning life’s deeper meanings and our connection to the natural world.

Each piece that Menon creates is a still from the film of daily existence. “The postures I choose show one movement as one instance of a moment in life as they are meant to be,” Menon explains. This can be observed in her five-foot sculpture “Flying,” which depicts a figure with extended arms and elevated legs, representing the liberation of the human spirit. Similarly, “All Mine” presents a couple in an intimate stance on a two-foot bronze on wood, expressing a powerful emotion without relying on facial expressions, instead using the sculpted proportions and posture to convey their bond.

Menon’s work captivates with its ability to freeze time and motion in a medium as enduring as bronze. The choice of this material is no accident. Menon appreciates bronze for its non-destructibility, richness, and the genuine sense of dynamism it imparts to her figures. Every sculpture exudes life in all its glory, inviting onlookers not just to observe, but to engage in a silent conversation with these eternal forms.

Menon draws from a fountain of spirituality and the sheer experience of existence, with contemplation at the core of her inspiration. Her pieces also feature elements of nature, such as birds and trees, underscoring her profound connection with the environment. For instance, “Divine Surrender,” a piece showcasing a figure in a state of ecstatic release, accentuates this aspect with its thoughtful incorporation of natural motifs.

What stands out in Menon’s sculpture is the grace and resilience that each figure exudes. The works embody strength yet remain open to the viewer’s interpretation, an intentional choice by Menon, who seeks to engage rather than dictate. She believes in the universal language of the body, employing it to communicate common emotions ranging from desire to humility to elation. Her sculptures are powerful in their vulnerability, instilling a mix of confidence and introspection in those who encounter them.

“Sculpting is a tool to look at the daily moments in life that drive us. It is my lifetime investment,” states Menon. Indeed, her work possesses a lingering presence, leaving a lasting impression on those who experience her sculptures.

This exceptional display of bronze sculptures can be witnessed at Gallery Art Positive, located at F-213B, Old M B Road, Lado Sarai, until March 10th, with the gallery welcoming visitors from 11 am to 7 pm daily. Menon’s sculptures not only mark a moment in time but also sing a hymn to the resilient and ephemeral moments that shape our existence. With each figure, a story unfolds, a ‘Song of Life’ that resonates with the very core of human emotion and experience.

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