Sara Ali Khan Shares the Qualities She Admires in ‘Murder Mubarak’ Castmates

In a playful and insightful conversation, the cast of Netflix’s new mystery thriller ‘Murder Mubarak’ recently came together on the IMDb original series ‘Burning Questions.’ The movie, which stars an ensemble cast including Sara Ali Khan, Karisma Kapoor, Tisca Chopra, Vijay Varma, Sanjay Kapoor, Suhail Nayyar, and Homi Adajania, is an official adaptation of the murder-mystery novel ‘Club You To Death’ by Anuja Chauhan. The stars delved into their experiences working on the film, sharing anecdotes and discussing their characters in detail.

During this intriguing discussion, when Sara Ali Khan was probed regarding what she would abscond with from her ‘Murder Mubarak’ colleagues if she were akin to her kleptomaniac persona in the film, she gave a heartfelt response. “I would so love to possess Tisca ma’am’s bilingual eloquence. It’s truly amazing. Karisma Kapoor, or Lolo’s, exuberantly infectious energy while singing would be next. I deeply respect Sanjay sir’s selflessness and am in awe of Vijay’s remarkable versatility. Homi sir’s unruffled patience is something I would cherish, along with Suhail’s rich but yet-to-be-fully-recognized talent. And then there’s the eternally elegant Dimple aunty, whose timeless beauty and lustrous hair are simply enviable. Lastly, if it were possible, I’d seize every quality that Pankaj Tripathi sir embodies, the totality of his exceptional artistry,” Sara elaborated.

Continuing the revelatory session, the conversation turned towards the cast’s alignment with their on-screen characters. Vijay Varma, known for his diverse acting chops, confessed that his own personality mirrored his character’s, feeling a profound resonance. “I relate to my character’s being an outsider within a community, which somehow parallels my own journey,” he reflected. Homi Adajania asserted agreement, admiringly noting Varma’s evolution from an underdog to a top dog in the industry but still maintaining that essential underdog spirit.

At the film’s trailer launch, Varma had previously shed some light on his character, Akash Oberoi, describing him as a departure from the antagonists he had previously depicted. Without giving away too much, he delineated Oberoi as a lawyer with a fractured heart and a complex relationship with the film’s central club, nurturing both love and loathing and yearning for escapism.

Kapoor’s role in ‘Murder Mubarak’ has also drawn attention. Director Homi Adajania commented on the novelty of her portrayal, intrigued by her depiction of a B-grade slasher flick heroine, marking a departure from her well-known repertoire. Karisma Kapoor herself acknowledged the peculiar and whimsical nature of her character, markedly contrasting it from her real-life persona.

Although the entire conversation was laced with humor and camaraderie, it offered a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes dynamics and mutual respect among the actors. The cast’s rapport reflects the collaborative spirit of their performances, where each character plays a vital role in unwinding the mystery at the heart of ‘Murder Mubarak.’

The film presents an exciting melange of suspense and character depth, as demonstrated by the anecdotes and character insights shared by the cast. As the movie makes its debut on Netflix, audience anticipation is heightened by these personal revelations from the stars themselves, shedding light on who they are on and off the screen, in the context of this riveting adaptation. With such a dynamic cast, ‘Murder Mubarak’ promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, all the while enraptured by the allure and intricacies of its well-crafted narrative.

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