Sara Ali Khan brings back ‘Sara ki Shayari’ to wish ‘Mommy Jaan’ Amrita Singh on her birthday

Bollywood’s young sensation Sara Ali Khan recently seized Instagram’s attention with a heartfelt poetic tribute to her mother and renowned actress, Amrita Singh, on the occasion of her birthday. Sara, who is often praised not just for her acting prowess but also for her poetic skills, shared a charming photo alongside her “mommy dearest” that encapsulated their deep bond.

The post showcased a vibrant picture of the duo, with a ‘shayari’ that was emblematic of Sara’s witty and endearing style. Her words artfully threaded the affection and reverence she holds for Amrita, celebrating the essence of their relationship. The shayari read:

“Meri Duniya meri Mommy Jaan 🥰🐣🐥
Aap mein bastein mere Praan 🫁🫀
My biggest endeavour is to keep your Maan ✊🏻
And try to add to your splendid Aan Baan aur Shaan 💥✨🎇🎆
Sorry for all the times I make you Hairaan 🤯🥺
Doing all that you have isn’t Aasaan 💪
Aur is pyaar ka hai parimann 💝👩‍❤️‍👩
Your endless mamta, patience and Dyaan 🧘‍♀️
That have made me feel so secure- diya itna Amaan 🫂
Ki sapne dekh sakoon of udaan in Aasmaan 🕊️🚀
Thank you maa.. aur kaise karoon Bayaan?
Ki aap hai mera poora Jahaan”

The candid outpour of emotion in Sara’s words struck a chord with her fans who were quick to shower the post with affectionate responses. Compliments on her unique shayari poured in, with one follower expressing, “Sara you are different from everyone in Bollywood you deserve everything my dream is to meet you happiest birthday to auntie.” Another lauded, “Sara ki shayri best shayri.”

The tender sentiment also transcended family lines, as evident in a warm birthday comment from Sara’s aunt, Saba Ali Khan Pataudi. Such familial interactions hint at the strong connections that have withstood the passage of time and circumstance.

Amrita Singh’s life has been quintessentially cinematic, having tied the knot with actor Saif Ali Khan in January 1991. Their journey together, spanning thirteen years, saw its culmination in 2004. Their marriage gave rise to two of Bollywood’s contemporary faces, the charming Sara and her brother Ibrahim Ali Khan. Saif later married actress Kareena Kapoor in 2012.

An interesting anecdote related to Saif and Amrita’s marriage was shared on the show “Koffee With Karan 8” by Sharmila Tagore, Saif’s mother, and the actor himself. Sharmila narrated how Saif broke the news of his nuptials, leading to a dramatic yet touching moment between mother and son. Saif disclosed further details, humorously quoting his mother’s initial disapproval which quickly turned into a poignant scene upon revelation of the marriage.

Amidst the merriment and nostalgia surrounding Sara’s birthday post for her mother, the fans were not only treated to a glimpse of Bollywood’s familial dynamics but also reminded of Sara’s knack for connecting with her audience through her authentic and emotive expressions.

Sara Ali Khan, known for her notable filmography and candid public presence, continues to enchant audiences with her versatility both on-screen and through her social media engagements. Her birthday homage to Amrita Singh was a testament to the poetic flair she intermittently shares, a craft that endears her further to her vast following. As the likes and comments burgeon on her celebratory post, it’s clear that Sara’s literary homage to her beloved mother struck the perfect note of love and adoration.

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