Sanya Malhotra offers condolences to ‘Dangal’ co-star Suhani Bhatnagar’s family says ‘She was so special’

In a sorrowful development, Suhani Bhatnagar, the young actress renowned for her portrayal of Babita Phogat in the critically acclaimed Bollywood film ‘Dangal’, passed away in New Delhi at the tender age of 19. Known for her captivating appearance on screen, Bhatnagar tragically succumbed to complications arising from dermatomyositis, a rare autoimmune condition.

It was on a somber Friday evening that the news of Bhatnagar’s demise left her fans and colleagues in the film industry in shock, particularly affecting those she had worked closely with. Sanya Malhotra, who played the adult version of Babita Phogat alongside Suhani, was among the first to express her profound grief at the loss of her young co-star. Malhotra turned to social media to convey her condolences to the bereaved family.

“I can’t believe it’s real,” Sanya Malhotra lamented in her Instagram stories, “There was no one quite like our Suhani. She was so special, so talented, and way too young to have left us so soon. Rest in peace Chotu. My deepest condolences to Pooja, Puneet, and the entire family.”

Bhatnagar’s acting career, though brief, was marked by her role in ‘Dangal’, a film that not only garnered commercial success but also praise for its powerful performances. Her portrayal of a young wrestler aspiring to fulfill her father’s dreams captured the hearts of audiences, establishing Suhani as a memorable child actor.

The unfortunate turn of events leading to her untimely passing began with unexplained swelling in her hands, which her parents, initially confused and concerned, noted as the first symptom. The swelling gradually extended throughout her body, prompting multiple doctor visits. However, the severity of her condition was not grasped until Suhani was admitted to the All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi.

At AIIMS, a diagnosis of dermatomyositis was determined, and treatment commenced. The prescribed steroids intended to combat the disease inadvertently weakened her immune system, making her vulnerable to infections. During her hospital stay, she contracted a serious infection, which morphed into respiratory complications, including fluid accumulation in the lungs and severe breathing difficulties.

Despite the medical team’s efforts, which included ventilation support, Suhani’s condition deteriorated. According to a report shared by her father with the media outlet Pinkvilla, “Even after putting her on a ventilator, her oxygen level was very low, and then yesterday evening at 7 pm, the AIIMS doctors said, ‘she is not more.'”

Family, friends, and admirers were taken aback by the news, as Suhani was not only an aspiring artist but a student who aimed to continue her passion for acting post her graduation in journalism and mass communication. Her parents recalled her determination and enthusiasm for life, adding an emotional dimension to their loss.

Ripples of mourning and tribute have spread throughout the film fraternity as colleagues like Sanya Malhotra step forward to share their emotions publicly. “Suhani was so special, so talented, and way too young to have left us so soon,” recalled Malhotra, echoing the sentiments of many who had crossed paths with the young actress.

As the film industry and her loved ones reconcile with Suhani Bhatnagar’s passing, her brief imprint on the world through her performance in ‘Dangal’ proves that talent can indeed leave a lasting legacy, regardless of lifetime. The heartfelt condolences shared globally reflect the profound impact she had, and her death at such a young age marks a poignant chapter of loss in the narrative of Indian cinema.

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