Sameer Wankhede reacts to money laundering case for seeking Rs 25 crore bribe from Shah Rukh Khan

In a developing story that has captured the nation’s attention, IRS officer Sameer Wankhede has found himself under a cloud of allegations regarding a money-laundering case potentially involving a Rs 25 crore bribe connected to Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan. In an unexpected turn of events, Wankhede expressed his astonishment regarding the claims thrust upon him by the Enforcement Directorate (ED), assuring his full cooperation with the investigating authorities.

Seen in a snapshot beside the iconic actor, Wankhede, recognized for his prior role as the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) Mumbai Zonal Director, has become the subject of a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) into allegations that he sought an enormous bribe during a highly publicized raid on the Cordelia cruise ship in October 2021. This raid led not only to the arrest of 20 individuals and the seizure of drugs but also, more controversially, to the apprehension of Shah Rukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan.

Wankhede addressed the media in Maharashtra, claiming his shock at the Enforcement Case Information Report (ECIR) filed in 2023 and its apparent foundations on a contentious CBI FIR already under scrutiny by the Bombay High Court. His remarks were concise, emphasizing that he would not delve further into the details as the matter remains sub judice. Nevertheless, he promised to furnish an adequate response when required by the court.

Further adding to his statement, Wankhede reaffirmed his confidence in the Indian judiciary, even as his tenure as NCB Zonal Director undergoes a meticulous examination by the CBI. Subsequent to the allegations, the ED took steps under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act to summon him for interrogation. A 2008-batch IRS officer, Wankhede previously sought judicial protection from any potential coercive strategies the ED might employ.

The October 2021 raid aboard the Cordelia cruise was a significant NCB operation that led to a series of events. An NCB Vigilance investigation was subsequently initiated to scrutinize the oversights during the operation. As per the latest update, charges against Aryan Khan were dismissed in May 2022 due to insufficient evidence.

The sensational case experienced a further complication after a witness alleged in 2021 that an NCB official—alongside other unidentified persons, including one witness named Gosavi—demanded a staggering Rs 25 crore to release Aryan Khan without charges.

As the legal saga continues to unfold, Aryan Khan is seemingly unscathed in his professional life and is poised to step into the film industry as a director. His inaugural venture, as rumors suggest, might even feature his father, Shah Rukh Khan. The superstar, riding the wave of three consecutive cinematic successes, voiced his support for his children’s autonomous career choices, stating they were not influenced by his stature in the industry.

The circle of events brings under scrutiny the overlap between law enforcement integrity and high-profile celebrity cases in India. With the intrigue of Bollywood drama intermingling with grave allegations of corruption within governmental agencies, the masses await with bated breath to watch the current of justice either vindicate or condemn. As attention mounts on this gripping theatrical plot, it remains to be seen how Wankhede will navigate this controversy and whether the scales of justice will tilt in his favor.

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