Saba Ali Khan shares nostalgic ‘Then and Now’ pics with Saif and Soha capturing ‘bonds of madness’

In the vast gallery of social media, one Instagram account stands as a testament to the enduring warmth of family ties. Saba Ali Khan, sister to the renowned Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan and esteemed personality Soha Ali Khan, has once again graced her followers with a touching display of familial affection. The series aptly named ‘Then and Now’ brilliantly showcases the unchanging bond shared among the siblings. Her recent post, an addition to the memory-laden album of yore, features a side-by-side comparison of past and present, inviting a cascade of emotions and nostalgia among her audience.

A contemplative Saba captioned her post, highlighting the essence of their connection, “Siblings – Bonds of madness, moments, and more… forged forever, with Then and Now. Nothing changes.” These heartfelt words, echoing the images’ sentiment, struck a chord with her following, spurring a slew of reactions and reminiscences from devoted admirers and casual onlookers alike.

Her Instagram profile became a hub of reactions as netizens delved into the depths of their memories, marveling at the time-stamped legacy of the Pataudi household. One fan, upon browsing the endearing portraits, remarked on the striking genetic resemblance, exclaiming, “All look like different parts of Sharmila! Strong, strong genes.” Another, caught in the collection’s charm, noted, “Dear Saba, it’s such a treat seeing your family photo collection. All of you are so cute. One thing I’ve noticed, you don’t resemble any of your parents or siblings.” Yet another simply stated, “Such a beautiful picture,” as numerous others expressed their adoration through a cascade of heart emojis.

The ‘Then’ image, a vintage treasure, features a younger Saif in a cream T-shirt, flashing a sibling-affectionate pose with his sisters. Saba, adorned in a red top complemented by a matching shawl, and Soha, clad in a timeless black top, complete the trio. Fast forward to the modern-day – the ‘Now’ photo reveals a transformed yet familiar scene. Saba and Soha stand proudly with their elder brother Saif, who now exudes an aura of matured charm. Donned in a serene blue kurta paired with pristine white pyjamas, Saif stands tall and confident. Soha, ever stylish, sports a polka dot top, while Saba radiates elegance in a printed gown.

This sequential journey in photographs does more than just highlight fashion transitions; it tells a tale of life’s progression, where childhood playfulness evolves into adult sophistication, yet the fundamental love and camaraderie remain steadfast.

Celebrity lives are often showcased in their glitzy pursuits, yet Saba’s snapshot series offers a glimpse into the more personal and perennial aspects of their existence. Saif Ali Khan, who has left audiences spellbound with his versatility on screen, was last seen captivating imaginations in Om Raut’s ‘Adipurush.’ Elevating his cinematic quest, he anticipates his venture into the Telugu film industry with the upcoming ‘Devara,’ sharing the silver screen with Janhvi Kapoor and Jr NTR. Likewise, Soha Ali Khan, known for her own share of cinematic exploits, recently graced the feature film ’69.’

The world of Bollywood is often engulfed in the fleeting glitz of stardom, yet Saba Ali Khan, through her introspective and memory-infused posts, reveals a starkly contrasting picture—one where bonds forged in childhood persist imperishably into the limelight of life. Her ‘Then and Now’ series is not merely a showcase of familial affection; it is a celebration of time’s passage—gentle and relentless, yet never eroding the bedrock of sibling love.

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