Rohit Roy on his career after Shootout at Lokhandwala: I am not content as an actor I am hungry

Following the widespread acclaim and success after starring in ‘Shootout at Lokhandwala’, actor Rohit Roy sat down for an illuminating chat with Mirchi Plus to delve into the intriguing interplay of success and satisfaction in his acting career. Despite basking in the warm afterglow of critical recognition and a cult following for his roles, he candidly reveals that the search for invigorating projects and the yearning to expand his creative horizons remain unsatiated.

Rohit recounted his journey, noting his formidable presence in the industry over a span of three decades and the influence of his performances which earned him comparisons to stars such as Hrithik Roshan. Through highs like his compelling act in ‘Kaabil’ or the intense climax of ‘Shootout at Lokhandwala’, Roy’s work has often received considerable laurels from viewers and critics alike. However, he expresses a discerning distinction between receiving plaudits and having those translate to more substantial opportunities.

“A part of me rejoices in the personal happiness derived from what I have accomplished, but another, perhaps more tenacious part, is ravenous for the kind of roles that would truly challenge me,” Roy shared. Describing his complex emotions, he explained the frustration that despite delivering a mammoth hit as the main lead, the expected momentum in his career trajectory at times did not materialize as anticipated.

In his contemplation, Rohit touched upon the gap between on-screen success and off-screen realities, detailing the intermittent periods of patience and discernment that often punctuate an actor’s career path. Following his pivotal roles in ‘Kaabil’ and ‘Mumbai Saga’, Roy mentioned how he has been ‘just waiting’ for the perfect project to enkindle his passion once more.

This perfect opportunity eventually did come knocking. Rohit recently resumed his journey on the small screen with the intricate and suspense-laden series ‘Saubhagyavati Bhava: Niyam Aur Shartien Laagu’. Here, he adopts the role of DCP Avinash, who is at the helm of solving the mysterious murder of a character named Raghav. This series marks a sort of homecoming for Rohit, who, prior to this, had been conspicuously absent from television after participating in a reality show.

Documenting his relationship with television, Rohit elucidates that his hiatus was not borne out of a deliberate desire to disconnect from the medium. Instead, he was biding his time, seeking a script and a character that fit his artistic palate and rekindle that spark of creative zeal. “The array of programs and shows I encountered did not quite strike a chord with me or mirror my ambitions as an artist,” he commented, emphasizing on the quest for impactful storytelling which finally led him back to television.

Amidst his eloquent reflections, Rohit entertained notions of age and perception. He candidly touched upon the delicate and often scrutinized aspect of age in the glamour-laden world of acting. With an insouciant charm, Roy affirms that while he may carry the wisdom of his years, his outward demeanor remains defiantly youthful.

As Rohit Roy articulates his unyielded appetite for roles that resonate and challenge, it becomes evident that the journey of an actor is never insular to the screen alone. It’s a nuanced dance between applause and inner purpose, between the floodlights of stardom and the quiet pursuit of art that speaks to the soul. For Roy, the hunger serves as both a testament to his achievements and a compass pointing toward the diverse avenues yet to be explored in an ever-evolving saga that is his acting career.

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