Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal announce 6 films as producers see list

In a striking demonstration of their enduring commitment to cinematic innovation and crafting compelling narratives, Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal’s Pushing Buttons Studios has announced a captivating lineup of six upcoming films. Following the studio’s celebrated production “Girls Will Be Girls,” which charmed audiences and judges alike at the Sundance Film Festival, Pushing Buttons Studios is poised to change the face of storytelling with a roster of breakthrough projects.

The esteemed Sundance Film Festival last month witnessed the studio’s debut succeed with flying colors. “Girls Will Be Girls,” which marks the inaugural production of Pushing Buttons Studios under the direction of Shuchi Talati, not only won over festival-goers but also secured two top awards. Lead actress Preeti Panigrahi was honored with the Jury Award for Best Actor, and the film clinched the Audience Choice for Best Film. This collaborative triumph brought together the creative forces of Pushing Buttons Studios, Crawling Angels, Blink Digital, and Dolce Vita Films, and has since emerged as the bellwether of the studio’s promising future.

The excitement is palpable as Pushing Buttons Studios reveals an eclectic array of upcoming texts, spanning animation, comedy, satire, documentary, and fantasy drama. Each project showcases an intricate tapestry of genres and heralds the birth of novel cinematic experiences.

“We are fueled by our love for storytelling and an unwavering dedication to present pioneering, diverse tales,” shared an enthused Richa Chadha. The landmark success at Sundance has further ignited the drive to breach the frontiers of creativity. Ali Fazal echoed her sentiments, emphasizing that Pushing Buttons Studios is not merely a production house but a crucible for artistic collaboration, experimentation, and the forging of indelible experiences for audiences. The studio’s pipeline teems with a multitude of distinctive projects, testament to their artistic aspirations.

Here are the six ventures that reflect the breadth and imagination of Pushing Buttons Studios:

1. “Girls Will Be Girls” (Coming-of-Age Drama) – Directed by Shuchi Talati:
This film narrates the rebellious adolescence of 16-year-old Mira, whose path to self-discovery is complicated by her youthful mother, who harbors her own unresolved aspirations.

2. “Papita” (Crime Thriller) – Directed by Akash Bhatia:
Porus Bisht, a voyeuristic paparazzi photographer in Mumbai, longs to rise above his gritty line of work and gain respect as a photographer. His life takes a drastic turn when he captures a critical moment involving a high-profile celebrity, transforming his career and personal life.

3. “Doggie Stylez” (Adult Animation) – Directed by Ashutosh Pathak:
In this wry satire, a dog society mimics human follies, providing commentary on the modern condition with an unerring blend of humor and critique.

4. “Pinky Promise” (Musical Comedy) – Written by Amitosh Nagpal:
Set in a quaint town in Himachal Pradesh, the story revolves around Pinky, a vivacious dancer, and Goldie, a rival bhajan singer, as they navigate forbidden love amidst feuding families, culminating in a whimsical and musical Romeo and Juliet saga with an uplifting twist.

5. “RiAlity” (Documentary) – Directed by Rahul Singh Datta:
This intimate documentary captures the whirlwind of wedding planning, demanding careers, and complex relationships through the lens of Ali and Richa’s own experiences.

6. “Miss Palmoliv All Night Cabaret” (Fantasy Drama) – Directed by Kamal Swaroop:
In an ethereal realm called Cinemata, a celibate bandit named Bhavani Singh and cabaret dancer Miss Palmolive partake in a chaste musical odyssey. Here, a governmental revelation arises: only a kiss can defeat the insurgent Singh.

Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal’s Pushing Buttons Studios not only promises an ambitious storytelling adventure but also serves as a beacon for originality in cinema. With each project, they are redefining the contours of cinematic expression and setting the stage for a new era of compelling and diverse narratives. Audiences await with bated breath as this trailblazing studio prepares to unveil its full spectrum of artistic ventures.

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