‘Reborn Rich’ To ‘A Time Called You’ 5 Time Travel K-Dramas To Watch

New Delhi: Imagine having the power to rewind the clock, to revisit bygone days and alter the trajectory of your own narrative. It does sound like a realm of fantasy, yet in the world of Korean dramas, this very concept of time travel takes center stage, bringing with it a mixture of excitement, romance, and the chance to rewrite destinies.

In this special feature, we delve into five Korean dramas where characters leap across time, each with a unique story that promises to captivate audiences with a blend of suspense, emotional highs, and amorous escapades.

“Perfect Marriage Revenge” portrays the turbulent life of Han Yi Joo (Jung Yoo Min), who is consistently mistreated by her relatives and spouse. Upon discovering her husband’s infidelity, Yi Joo is involved in a tragic accident but miraculously wakes up in the past. Seizing this opportunity for a fresh start, she enters a contractual marriage with Seo Do Guk (Sung Hoon), the target of her sister’s affections, setting in motion a tale of retribution and new beginnings.

Fans can catch this intriguing drama on Viki.

Next on our list is “18 Again,” where we meet Hong Dae Young (Yoon Sang Hyun), a 37-year-old engulfed by resentment towards his tumultuous life, marred by career setbacks, a failing marriage, and strained familial ties. Reflecting on his former glory days as a high school basketball star, Dae Young’s life takes a surreal turn when he is transformed into his 18-year-old self (Lee Do Hyun), albeit in the present day. This unexpected transformation offers him a rare chance to mend the mistakes of his past and regain the love he once lost.

The series is available for viewing on Viki.

“A Time Called You” presents the heart-wrenching narrative of Han Jun Hee (Jeon Yeo Been), a woman ensnared by grief and guilt following the demise of her boyfriend Yeon Jun (Ahn Hyo Seop). When Jun Hee receives a cassette player as a memento, she is astonishingly hurled back to the year 1998, finding herself in the body of her high school doppelgänger, Kwon Min Ju. Her encounter with a classmate bearing an uncanny resemblance to her late boyfriend draws her into a complex labyrinth of fate and potential second chances.

This bittersweet saga is streaming on Netflix.

“Reborn Rich” introduces us to Yoon Hyun Woo (Song Joong Ki), a devoted secretary of a powerful conglomerate family who is deceitfully murdered after being implicated in embezzlement. In an extraordinary twist of fate, Hyun Woo is reincarnated as the family’s youngest progeny, Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki). Armed with the memories of his past life, he meticulously concocts a plan for vengeance while uncovering dark family secrets and confronting his own identity in this chess game of power dynamics.

Audiences can explore this intense drama on Viki.

Lastly, “Mr Queen” whisks us away into the audacious life of Jang Bong Hwan (Choi Jin Hyuk), a top-tier chef in the Blue House kitchens. A bizarre accident catapults him back to the Joseon period, where he shockingly finds himself imprisoned in the body of Queen Kim So Yong (Shin Hye Sun). Trapped in both an alien era and body, Bong Hwan’s insatiable curiosity leads him through palace intrigues and secrets locked behind the majestic walls.

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These five Korean dramas offer more than just time-bending narratives; they encapsulate the essence of human desires and the intricate dance of destiny. Whether it’s seeking revenge, rekindling lost love, or piecing together the enigmas of identity and power, the voyages across time challenge the characters to question their choices and courageously seize the reins of their destinies. Tune in to these mesmerizing tales and brace yourself for journeys that blur the lines between past and present, righting wrongs and shaping futures.

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