Raveena Tandon Emerges as Legal Maverick in ‘Patna Shuklla’ Revealed by Salman Khan

Film aficionados were treated to a delightful surprise this past Monday, as Bollywood heavyweight Salman Khan unveiled the character introduction video of Raveena Tandon in the much-anticipated film ‘Patna Shuklla’, accompanied by the phrase ‘swagat karo’ encouraging a warm welcome. Salman took to social platforms to share a captivating video, over a minute long, revealing Raveena’s depiction of Tanvi, a character who boldly steps beyond the typical homemaker role.

The character introduction video, shared by Salman Khan, showcased Raveena Tandon serving tea and snacks to her guests, before striking a powerful chord with the words, “ham sirf housewife nahi hai,” translating to a declaration of being more than just a housewife. This assertion is immediately supported by a guest who recognizes Tanvi, the character played by Tandon, for her dual role as a lawyer too. The drama intensifies as Tanvi’s spouse, played by Manav Vij, contributes to her robust profile, praising her skill in drafting affidavits.

The narrative unfolds as the video captures a student entrusting Tanvi with a legal battle rooted in a scandalous examination roll number scam—an issue that embodies a widespread crisis in the Indian education system. Tanvi then faces a formidable opponent, a politician portrayed by Jatin Goswami, who menacingly urges her to abandon the case of one Rinki Kumari, brought to life by Anushka Kaushik.

Doubling down on the hype, Salman Khan’s social media post read, “Roll-number scam hai case jinka agla Swagat karo Raveena ka in and as Patna Shuklla.” Echoing Salman’s enthusiasm, Raveena Tandon also shared the powerful video on her official handle, firmly establishing Tanvi as the crusader for justice against the oppressed voices.

Salman had previously sparked intrigue amongst fans with a tweet dedicated to Raveena, teeming with curiosity and playfulness about her latest venture. The movie, ‘Patna Shuklla’, aims to explore the underbelly of a pervasive education scam that threatens countless genuine students across India. It celebrates the story of two women, one of them Tanvi, who navigate the labyrinth of social justice while shouldering the weight of maternal duties.

Arbaaz Khan, the film’s producer, has promised audiences a side of Raveena they’ve never seen before. With a career juxtaposed between mainstream dance numbers and socially resonant cinema, Raveena Tandon’s career trajectory stands as a testament to her dedication to thought-provoking projects, and ‘Patna Shuklla’ is slated to be a benchmark in her filmography that merges substance with the pleasure of mainstream entertainment.

The film boasts of a talented roster, including Chandan Roy Sanyal and an appearance by the late Satish Kaushik. Crafted under the banner of Arbaaz Khan Productions Pvt Ltd and helmed by director Vivek Budakoti, ‘Patna Shuklla’ is set to be a riveting courtroom drama that is bound to captivate audiences when it starts streaming on Disney+ Hotstar come March 29.

With the pieces in place and the curtain raised by none other than Salman Khan himself, ‘Patna Shuklla’, headlined by Raveena Tandon’s electrifying performance, is primed to shine a spotlight on a pressing societal issue through the lens of a potent narrative. Fans are set to see a meld of gripping storytelling and Raveena’s powerhouse acting as the film approaches its digital premiere.

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