RARKPK fame Anjali Anand on working with Jaya Bachchan: She’s like this little child who loves to do masti | Exclusive

Anjali Anand, celebrated for her dynamic role as Gayatri Randhawa in the hit film ‘Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani’, recently gave an exclusive interview discussing her experiences working alongside Bollywood’s legendary actors. Anand’s performance in the film directed by Karan Johar brought her immense acclaim from audiences and critics, bolstering her popularity not just in the cinematic sphere but on television as well.

Anand’s character, Gayatri Randhawa, is multifaceted and progressive, embodying the attributes of a modern woman which were skillfully brought to life by Anand. Her efforts did not go unrecognized as she received extensive praise for her contribution to the film. With her star rising, she is now set to take on her next film project with vigor and enthusiasm.

In a personal and revealing conversation with Mid-Day.com, Anand spoke fondly of her camaraderie with co-stars Alia Bhatt, Ranveer Singh, Dharmendra, Shabana Azmi, and, in particular, Jaya Bachchan.

Anand expressed her admiration for Alia Bhatt, saying, “Alia is an inspiration, and she is someone I aspire to be in every aspect—her personal life, professional life. The way she’s grown, I just aspire to be somebody like her.” Such admiration highlighted the powerful influence and respect Bhatt commands in the industry.

Ranveer Singh, known for his vivacious personality, emerged as more than a colleague to Anand. “Ranveer is my buddy. We dance at parties until people want to throw us out of the house, he’s just so much fun. He’s this long-lost friend that I’ve met during this film,” mentioned Anand, who seems to have found a kindred spirit in Singh.

The veteran actor Dharmendra also left a lasting impact on Anand with his delightful persona. She recounted joyous occasions with the actor, “We used to light bonfires and sing songs. And I just listen to her stories all day long.”

Shabana Azmi claimed a special place in Anand’s heart as her “absolute favorite.” Having worked together on multiple projects, including RARKPK, Anand has developed a profound sense of respect and missing for Azmi. “I won’t see her at the next reading room I enter or meeting I attend,” Anand lamented, underscoring the bond they had formed.

Indeed, Jaya Bachchan’s depiction by Anand was nothing short of endearing. Dismissing the often rigid public perception of Bachchan, Anand revealed a different side to the veteran actress, “She is the sweetest human on the planet, she is so much fun to be around. She’s like this little child who loves to do masti,” said Anand, recounting the playful spirit Bachchan displayed. Representing Anand’s grandmother in RARKPK, Bachchan seemed to have embodied the role in real life too, taking Anand under her nurturing wing.

Looking forward, Anjali Anand is gearing up for her upcoming movie ‘Bun Tikki’, where she will share screen space with the iconic duo of Shabana Azmi and Zeenat Aman. The buzz around this film is considerable, with enthusiasts keen to see the ensemble cast work their magic. Under the directorial vision of Faraz Arif Ansari and producers Dinesh Malhotra and Marijke Desouza of Manish Malhotra’s Stage 5 Productions, expectations for ‘Bun Tikki’ are high.

As Anjali Anand continues her journey in the realm of acting, she leaves behind a trail of strong performances and an array of friendships that unveil the humane and compassionate side of the film industry. Her recollections and aspirations speak to her commitment to her craft and her reverence for her co-stars, painting a picture of a collaborative and joy-filled Bollywood behind the scenes.

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