Ranvir Shorey Reminisces about Shared Love for Physics and Memorable Night with Sushant Singh Rajput

In an industry often clouded with controversies and internal politics, actor Ranvir Shorey spoke out, sharing both the struggles he has faced and the lighter memories that have shaped his career. Known for his dynamic presence on screen and roles that leave an indelible mark on audiences, Shorey has time and again proven his mettle in the acting world. Nevertheless, his path has been laced with challenges, ones that he recently opened up about in an exclusive conversation with ANI.

Discussing a particularly sour experience, Shorey detailed his past interactions with the influential Bhatt family. “I had great regard for Mr. Bhatt (Mahesh Bhatt) till the fiasco happened when I was seeing his daughter (Pooja Bhatt). Then I saw that actually whatever respect I had for him was being used to manipulate me… very duplicitous behaviour going on,” Shorey revealed, hinting at the complex nature of personal and professional lines in Bollywood.

The conversation took a somber turn as Shorey spoke about the untimely demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, which ignited heated debates about the culture within the film industry. Addressing how cliques and internal power struggles can overshadow talent and hard work, Shorey said, “And then this thing happened with Sushant a couple of years later and then I felt like I had to speak out. This fully happens, you know, ganging up against someone, elbowing them out, standing on somebody’s toes, scuttling somebody’s career. This is a fact,” he stated firmly, acknowledging that such issues aren’t exclusive to cinema but also prevalent in politics, corporate sectors, and media, though less publicized due to the lack of glamour.

Despite the tough-talk about industry politics, Shorey also shared a heartwarming recollection of his friendship with Rajput, particularly their mutual fascination with physics. “We worked together. He had been home a few times. And we got along quite well during the two-month-long shoot of ‘Sonchiriya’. And we bonded over physics because both of us love physics. We had a lot of conversations on that,” Shorey reminisced.

He went on to recall an extraordinary night during their movie shoot in Dholpur. “There was an eclipse. It was a lunar eclipse and Saturn was lining up behind it. He (Sushant) flew down his big telescope from Bombay just for that,” Shorey shared. Rajput’s passion for astrophysics and the cosmos was well known, and this gesture illustrated just how deeply ingrained that passion was. “And that’s the only time I’ve looked through a telescope and seen it straight… There were three. Moon, Jupiter, Saturn lining up. With my eye. And I’m telling you, the feeling of seeing it through your eye via a telescope is very different from looking at it on a screen. There’s something… different quality of experience…fond memories,” he fondly recounted.

Ranvir’s extraordinary repertoire of work in Indian cinema, including performances in ‘Jism’, ‘Khosla Ka Ghosla’, ‘Traffic Signal’, ‘Bheja Fry’, and others, demonstrates his versatility and dedication to the craft. His recent work has not gone unnoticed, with ‘Sunflower season 2’ garnering positive responses. His reflections on industry dynamics and personal anecdotes with one of the industry’s celebrated talents, who left the world prematurely, cast a revealing light on the complexities of Bollywood—the shining moments of shared experiences and the darker, harsher realities of the industry’s work culture.

As Shorey highlighted these aspects with candor, it warranted a deeper consideration of the interpersonal dynamics that interweave with one’s professional life in the world of cinema and elsewhere.

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