Ranvir Shorey Reflects on Past Respect for Mahesh Bhatt and Alleged Manipulation

Known for his compelling performances and versatility, actor Ranvir Shorey has recently come forward to discuss details of his past relationship with Pooja Bhatt, daughter of film director Mahesh Bhatt, and the troubling aftermath that unfolded. After maintaining privacy regarding this chapter of his life, Ranvir decided to open up about the respect he once held for Mahesh Bhatt and how it became a tool for manipulation.

During a candid interview with ANI, Ranvir delved into the details of his past relationship with Pooja Bhatt. The actor revealed that before the tumultuous breakup, he had profound respect for her father, Mahesh Bhatt—a sentiment that was exploited. “I had great regard for Mr. Bhatt until the fiasco happened when I was seeing his daughter. Then I saw that actually whatever respect I had for him was being used to manipulate me… very duplicitous behaviour going on,” he stated.

Shorey further commented on the dark reality of the entertainment industry and how it mirrors baleful behaviors found in other spheres like politics and corporate environments. “This fully happens, you know, ganging up against someone, elbowing them out, standing on somebody’s toes, scuttling somebody’s career. This happens. This is a fact. It happens in politics, corporate, and media too. But this part is not glamorous,” Shorey expressed.

The actor, who has gained acclaim for his roles in films such as ‘Jism’ and ‘Lakshya,’ and more prominence for his performances in ‘Khosla Ka Ghosla’, ‘Traffic Signal’, and ‘Bheja Fry’, faced a barrage of negative PR which he attributes to the machinations of Bhatt and other film industry magnates. In response to an article in 2020 detailing his abusive relationship with Pooja, Shorey took to Twitter to label the accusations as a part of a “sustained defamatory and malicious PR campaign” against him.

To extend on the complexity of his personal entanglements, Ranvir talked about his once-close friendship with Manish Makhija, Pooja Bhatt’s ex-husband. Highlighting emotional turmoil, he said, “This guy in the photos used to be my best friend right up until after the incident, and then turned around and married her. All kinds of relationships are manipulated and psychological warfare used.” It is noteworthy that Pooja has not legally separated from Manish despite their public announcement of separation in 2014.

Aside from his notable work on the film front, Ranvir has also recently been part of the show ‘Sunflower season 2’, which has garnered positive feedback from viewers. His artistic journey continues to evolve, but his recent revelations have shed light on the less-discussed underbelly of the Bollywood industry, where personal relationships can intertwine with professional ones, often leading to complicated and emotionally charged outcomes.

In retrospect, Shorey’s professional journey juxtaposes the darker personal experiences he’s faced within the industry—a testament to his resilience and commitment to his craft. Despite the adversities, Ranvir Shorey’s candid reflections expose a side of the film industry that often remains hidden behind the glitz and glamour, while also highlighting his unwavering dedication to continue entertaining audiences with his diverse roles and performances.

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