Rakul Preet Singh-Jackky Bhagnani wedding: Couple seek blessing at Siddhivinayak temple before their big day

Amidst the buzz of wedding bells and the flurry of pre-nuptial celebrations in the city of Mumbai, one couple’s trip to a serene religious sanctuary is catching the eyes of enthusiasts and well-wishers across the nation. Recently, Rakul Preet Singh and Jackky Bhagnani were spotted at the iconic Siddhivinayak temple, where they sought the divine blessings of Lord Ganesha before their much-anticipated matrimonial union.

The sacred temple visit by Rakul and Jackky, both esteemed personalities of the Indian entertainment industry, personifies a centuries-old tradition in Hindu culture that involves seeking the guidance and benevolence of deity Lord Ganesha ahead of any auspicious event. Their beaming smiles shone through as they acknowledged the gathering of paparazzi, offering a glimpse of the stars in a state of pre-wedding bliss. Rakul Preet Singh exuded elegance in her choice of a pink anarkali suit, while Jackky complemented her vibrancy in lemon yellow traditional attire.

With wedding speculation rife amongst the masses, the pair has not publicly disclosed their wedding date, but they have gradually unwrapped the mystery through subtle hints and shared glimpses of their pre-wedding festivities. The first peek into their celebration was offered when they each posted pictures of themselves adorned in traditional Indian fashion for the dhol night on February 15. Rakul Preet Singh, in a sparkling green sharara by designer Seema Gujral, embellished with a matching choker necklace and earrings, and Jackky Bhagnani, clad in a kurta tailored by Shantanu Nikhil, seemed to echo the sentiment that the “best things are about to happen.”

As the couple gears up for their nuptial celebration, which is rumored to be slated for February 21 in the picturesque locale of Goa, they stand out with their conscientious approach to planning an eco-friendly wedding. Noteworthy initiatives for their ‘green’ wedding include choices such as digital invitations to forego the unnecessary use of paper, an intentional eschewing of firework displays, and an ecological pledge to plant trees that will serve to neutralize the carbon footprint of their wedding celebrations.

Spanning three days, starting from February 19 with the spotlight on the main ceremony on February 21, the eagerly awaited event promises to be a remarkable fusion of grandeur and environmental stewardship. Rakul and Jackky, with the assistance of carbon footprint specialists, aim to measure the environmental impact of their festivity and implement a suitable number of tree plantings to offset it. In a statement that intertwines their commitment to each other and to the planet, they plan to take part in the tree-planting effort shortly after binding their lives together in matrimony.

Indeed, the very soil that will nurture these future saplings stands as a testament to the couple’s love — a love mindful of its surroundings and legacy. The move to incorporate sustainable practices into the fabric of their wedding is a progressive step that not only amplifies the gravity of their life event but also sets an example for others to emulate a consciousness for environmental health.

As anticipation builds for the impending celebration of Rakul Preet Singh and Jackky Bhagnani’s union, the couple continues to enchant with their charm and commendable ethos. Mumbai, a city that has witnessed countless tales of love and commitment, stands ready to host another story that carries the promise of a lifetime — validated by tradition, framed by modern sensibilities, and carried forward by a vision of a greener tomorrow.

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