In an atmosphere brimming with familial pride, veteran actress Pooja Bhatt has expressed immense admiration for the newest addition to the Bhatt family, her niece Raha Kapoor. Raha, the infant daughter of prominent Bollywood actors Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, has caught the attention of her Aunt Pooja, who in a candid interview waxed eloquently about the brightness of Raha. These remarks highlight a strong bond within the family and a future star in the making.

The Bhatts are no strangers to stardom, with each generation leaving an indelible mark on the silver screen of Indian cinema. True to the family’s vivacious spirit, Pooja Bhatt effused about Raha Kapoor, envisaging her as the intellect of the family tree. “Raha seems to be the sharpest of us all,” Pooja remarked, in spirited anticipation of the day the young Bhatt might start dispensing her own pearls of wisdom to family members already known for their outspoken and advisory nature.

In an exciting chat with the media outlet Zoom, Pooja disclosed the current means of communication employed by baby Raha. The tot conveys her temperament and thoughts through the pure expressiveness of her looks and facial gestures. With a playful comparison to technological advancements, Pooja gleamed, “Like the Apple phone, each model gets better. So, I think we’re doing that pretty well,” further cementing her confidence in the generational brilliance embodied by young Raha Kapoor.

Moving away from the familial mirth, Pooja Bhatt shed light on her latest professional venture, ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry,’ a stirring series slated for release on an over-the-top (OTT) streaming platform starting March 14. This coming-of-age drama promises to tug at heartstrings with its poignant depiction of life inside a fictitious all-girls boarding school.

‘Big Girls Don’t Cry,’ under the direction of Nitya Mehra, Sudhanshu Saria, Karan Kapadia, and Kopal Naithani, parades a notable group of actors, primarily comprising women, with the likes of Avantika Vandanapu, Aneet Padda, Dalai, Vidushi, Lhakyila, Afrah Sayed, Akshita Sood, Raima Sen, and Zoya Hussain placed in vital roles. The cast also features Pooja Bhatt and Mukul Chadda.

Reflecting on her role, Pooja delved into her motivations for joining the ensemble, revealing a personal connection with the themes explored within the series. Identifying with the story’s essence, the setting and the characters led her to undertake the role of Anita Verma, the principal of the school. Her resonance with the series’ spirit of individualism, battling gender biases, and breaking free from stereotypes is what drew her to take part. Pooja’s teenage years mirrored a rebellious streak, frequently challenging the status quo, which reverberates with the journey her character takes in the show.

This character arc in ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry,’ as outlined by Pooja, reinforces the importance of cultivating role models that foster a positive identity, empowering others to rise above societal constructions that often confine and define roles based on gender. Such a narrative is especially pertinent in contemporary times where the allure of material success frequently overshadows the pursuit of substantial ideals.

Beyond shedding insight into her acting pursuits and professional accomplishments, Pooja Bhatt’s vocal endorsement of her niece Raha Kapoor’s nascent intelligence serves an ode to the enduring legacy of the Bhatt family. With an equal mix of celebrated artistic achievements and a burgeoning bright future embodied in its youngest members, the Bhatt family continues to enchant the Indian audience while paving the way for new tales and new talents to unfold.

By IPL Agent

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