Project Tarasha X Creative Dignity collab exhibition brings 30+ artisans to Bengaluru

An exquisite collection of India’s diverse crafts will be on display at Bengaluru this week, as artisans and craftspersons from different corners of the country come together for a one-of-a-kind exhibition. Bengaluru’s International Centre, Domlur, is set to become the backdrop for a cultural tapestry spanning from the northern valleys of Kashmir’s intricate aari, sujani, and tilla embroideries to Gujarat’s renowned Ajrakh prints and the intricate usta and pichwai paintings of Rajasthan.

This creative congregation is brought to life through the collaborative efforts of Project Tarasha, established by Titan Company Limited, and Creative Dignity, an initiative that has actively sought ways to elevate the lives of rural artisans since the pandemic began. Together, these entities are championing the cause of more than 25 artisans by spotlighting their distinguished works.

Sridhar N E, the chief sustainability officer at Titan, shares that the partnership between Project Tarasha and Creative Dignity isn’t just about creating a platform for showcasing traditional crafts but also encompasses a spectrum of support activities. The holistic development of the craftsmen is the prime focus, with offerings that include design mentoring, forging creative alliances, enhancing market access, steering product innovation, and scaling up online presence. A highlight of this joint endeavor is the provision of bespoke interventions designed to address the unique needs of various craft groups across the nation.

Amid the crafted wonders, one can find delicate glass work and vibrant kites hailing from Uttar Pradesh, the melodious chimes of copper bell craft from Gujarat, and the ethereal sholapith sculptures of West Bengal. Andhra Pradesh’s leather puppetry, Rajasthan’s handloom weaves, and banana fibre crafts from Karnataka are just a few other examples of the diversified offerings that visitors can look forward to.

Beyond the tangible artistry, the event also stages soulful folk music performances, featuring artists like Shabnam Virmani, Shreeparna Mitra, and the ensembles Sunaad and Vasu Dixit Collective. In a delightful blend of visual and performative storytelling, the art form Chitrakatha from Pinguli, Maharashtra, will take attendees on a journey through the epic tales of Mahabharata and Ramayana, interweaving songs, paintings, and puppetry into a mesmerizing narrative.

According to Meera Goradia, co-chair of Creative Dignity, the showcased artisans are part of a specialized project called the Artisan Enterprise Lab (AEL). The program is designed to bolster their capabilities by providing them with digital, marketing, business, and design development training through comprehensive workshops that span from 5 to 11 days. Along with heightened business acumen, many artisans have cultivated a significant online presence, leading to an expanded customer base and outreach. All proceeds from the sales are directed to the artisans, ensuring that their effort and craftsmanship are justly rewarded.

Project Tarasha pays special attention to artisans who specialize in hard material and non-textile crafts. These craftspeople often face unique challenges related to the materials they work with, the complexity of their processes, and the nuances of the market which require distinct solutions tailored to their specific context.

This exhibit stands as a testament to India’s rich cultural heritage, offering the people of Bengaluru a chance to immerse themselves in the beauty of traditional crafts while directly supporting the artisans who keep these age-old techniques alive. The exhibition, set to take place from February 9 to 11, promises to be a celebration of craftsmanship, culture, and community—marking yet another milestone in the efforts to preserve and promote India’s artisanal legacy.

For those seeking to experience the convergence of India’s artistic traditions and support the dedicated hands that have woven the fabric of these crafts through generations, the Bengaluru International Centre is the destination to be this week.

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