Priyanka Nick are completely doting parents says Madhu Chopra

In an exclusive conversation about family and parenting philosophies, Madhu Chopra, mother of international film star Priyanka Chopra Jonas, delved into the subject of wise parenting and lauded her daughter and son-in-law, musician Nick Jonas, for their remarkable parenting skills. With evident pride and fondness, Madhu labeled the celebrity couple as “doting parents” to their young daughter, Malti Marie Chopra Jonas.

Reflecting on the foundations of her own parenting approach, Madhu Chopra shared insights into the concept of ‘smart parenting.’ “Smart parents have the ability to discern and wisely choose what lessons to derive from their own upbringing,” she articulated, emphasizing the importance of selectively passing down values to the next generation. “New parents who possess this discernment can make thoughtful decisions about which values to adopt from their parents. I believe I was one of the smart ones,” she affirmed with confidence.

The journey of a parent is often pictured as a solitary path or a tag-team effort, with one parent filling in the gaps left by the other. However, Madhu Chopra paints a different picture when it comes to her daughter and son-in-law. She praises the seamless parenting partnership of Priyanka and Nick, describing how they work in perfect harmony without any noticeable divide in their roles or responsibilities as parents. “Both are completely doting parents; I don’t see a division of the line of anything between them. Where Priyanka leaves off, Nick picks up and where he leaves off, she picks up,” Madhu explained, highlighting their mutual commitment to their daughter’s welfare.

Her insights into their parenting dynamic were further illustrated by her comments on their communication style: “The conversations are free-flowing. I love this about them,” she shared during her interaction on Coto, a digital platform designed for women to engage in open and safe discussions.

Madhu Chopra’s testament to the parenting approach of Priyanka and Nick reveals a modern-day parenting team that thrives on balance, mutual respect, and a united front. Such attributes are often aspired to by new parents who wish to give their children the best possible guidance and support as they navigate the early years of life.

The celebrity couple has always been in the limelight, but when it comes to their parenting, they prefer to keep a low profile and focus on the responsibility of raising their child with love and care. Madhu’s account provides a rare glimpse into the private family life of Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas, suggesting that notwithstanding their busy, high-profile careers, they are hands-on parents deeply involved in the day-to-day aspects of parenting.

Madhu’s reflections may also serve as an encouragement to other parents and guardians, illustrating that regardless of one’s status or schedule, active and involved parenting is achievable and rewarding. As society continually evolves and the pressures on families mount, the Chopra-Jonas household stands as a reminder that parenting is not just a duty but a partnership that flourishes with dedication, understanding, and a touch of ‘smart parenting’ as endorsed by Madhu Chopra herself.

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