Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas and Daughter Malti Marie Revel in Holi Festivities

It was a day bursting with color and celebration in Bollywood, as stars paused their hectic routines to revel in the jubilant festival of Holi. While some celebrities took a breather away from the city’s hustle, others gathered at vibrant Holi parties. Among the revelers this year were power couple Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, joined by their adorable daughter Malti Marie. In a display of fervor and affection, they too submerged themselves in the playful spirit of the festival, celebrating in a more intimate setting.

Newly released photos making rounds on the internet give us a glimpse into the cozy Holi event hosted by the Chopras. These delightful images feature Mannara Chopra and her sister alongside Madhu Chopra, Priyanka, and Nick. The joy and excitement are palpable as they all celebrated with abandon, evidenced by vibrant hues that adorned their smiling faces. However, it was little Malti Marie who stole everyone’s hearts, radiating cuteness that became an instantaneous internet sensation. This Holi bash holds a particular significance as it marked the first time Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas celebrated the colorful festival in India after welcoming Malti Marie into their lives.

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On the professional front, Priyanka Chopra Jonas is embarking on a new role, lending her voice as the narrator for the forthcoming Disneynature film titled “Tiger.” As a tribute to Earth’s most majestic and enigmatic creature, the film seeks to strip away the mystery and portray the true essence of the tiger. Scheduled for release on Disney+ Hotstar to coincide with Earth Day on April 22, the movie promises to transport viewers into the heart of India’s legendary forests, following the journey of a young tigress named Ambar as she navigates motherhood.

Ambar’s story unfolds as she raises her cubs, introducing them to life’s wonders and dangers in their natural habitat. Each cub, with its unique blend of curiosity, boisterousness, and occasional clumsiness, has much to learn under their mother’s vigilant watch, as she strives to shield them from the various threats that loom in the wild, including predators like pythons, bears, and other competitive tigers.

Helmed by director Mark Linfield, with the assistance of Vanessa Berlowitz and Rob Sullivan in co-director roles, the film emerges through the vision of its creators. It is produced by a team composed of Linfield, Berlowitz, and Roy Conli. Priyanka Chopra Jonas shared her enthusiasm for her latest project, expressing profound honor in narrating a story so close to her heritage. Her affinity for tigers and the protective instinct she identifies with in the mother tiger mirror her own experiences as a new mom to Malti Marie.

Complementing “Tiger,” Disney+ Hotstar will also feature “Tigers On The Rise,” an accompanying documentary that further explores the resilience and growth of tiger populations. This special showcase is set to stream on the platform alongside “Tiger” as part of the Earth Day celebrations, paying homage to one of nature’s most awe-inspiring creatures. Through her involvement in these projects, Chopra Jonas continues to charm audiences not only with her on-screen talent but also with her advocacy for wildlife and environmental consciousness.

As the Chopras concluded their Holi festivities, their shared moments captured in photographs remind us of the universal appeal of family, joy, and cultural heritage—binding us all together in a world where love knows no bounds, painting our lives in the brightest of hues.

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