Preity Zinta visits Siddhivinayak temple ahead of ‘Lahore 1947’ shoot: ‘Best way to start something new’

The charming and vivacious Bollywood actress Preity Zinta, who has made America her second home with husband Gene Goodenough and their twins, is back in India on a professional sojourn. She is gearing up to grace the silver screen once again, rejoining forces with actor Sunny Deol in the upcoming film, ‘Lahore 1947’. The feature is being brought to life by acclaimed director Rajkumar Santoshi and has the backing of none other than Aamir Khan’s production house.

At the threshold of commencing the new cinematic venture, Preity took time this Tuesday to indulge in a spiritual retreat, visiting the revered Siddhivinayak temple. Social media platforms buzzed with activity as she shared snippets of her visit, expressing her belief that invoking divine blessings is the perfect prelude to initiating any new endeavor. She wrote affectionately about experiencing profound calm and joy with each visit, sentiments that were amplified by the company of her mother on this special occasion.

Her fans were treated to a virtual tour of the temple’s serene environment via video snippets, which she hoped would inspire those who have not yet had the chance to make the pilgrimage themselves. Gratitude flowed from Preity as she extended heartfelt thanks to the temple authorities for facilitating an exquisite and spiritually nourishing ‘darshan’ – a viewing of the deity.

‘Lahore 1947’ is poised to be a cinematic milestone as it unites the revered trio of Deol, Santoshi, and Khan for the very first time. Santoshi, in particular, has been vocal about the poignancy of Preity and Sunny Deol’s screen reunion, proclaiming the casting choice as ‘accurate’. He praised Preity’s exceptional talent and her innate ability to fully embody any character, rendering her performances as genuinely convincing and tailored-made for the roles.

Notably, the film also marks the return of Deol and Zinta as a duo following their last appearance together in the 2018 action-comedy ‘Bhaiaji Superhit’. Their on-screen chemistry and camaraderie have been a crowd favorite, and expectations are high for their latest collaboration.

The nostalgia runs deeper as ‘Lahore, 1947’ will bring Santoshi and Aamir Khan together again, rekindling the magic of their previous cult hit ‘Andaz Apna Apna’. Aamir Khan Productions, in a note released last October, conveyed the excitement of the entire team about the upcoming project, profiling it as a journey that would be both rewarding and enriching. Khan’s commendation of Sunny Deol’s immense talent and his affectionate regard for Santoshi, whom he counts among his favorite directors, speak volumes about the anticipated creative synergy of the ambitious project.

With ‘Lahore 1947’, Preity Zinta is poised to captivate audiences yet again, reminding them of her irreplaceable presence in Indian cinema. Her faith in the project, underscored by her recent devotional visit, casts an auspicious glow on the upcoming historical drama. The film promises not only to revisit a pivotal time in history but also to resurrect the bygone but unforgettable dynamics of Bollywood’s renowned artists. As the shooting nears, fans eagerly wait in anticipation of what might be another testament to the timeless allure of Hindi cinema.

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