Pavail Gulati Champions Authenticity by Performing Own Stunts in ‘Deva’

Stepping into the world of action-packed cinema, actor Pavail Gulati has decided to elevate his presence on-screen by embracing the physicality of his role without any shortcuts. Gulati, who has garnered acclaim for his nuanced performances in various genres, is now set to appear in an adrenaline-fueled avatar in the highly anticipated action film ‘Deva’. Alongside Bollywood heavyweights Shahid Kapoor and Pooja Hegde, Gulati is reportedly undertaking a challenging leap, turning down the option to use body doubles for the high-octane stunt sequences in the movie.

‘Deva’ marks the directorial Hindi film debut of Malayalam cinema maven Rosshan Andrrews, who is known for crafting cinematic experiences with a thrilling edge. Andrrews’ vision of ‘Deva’ is that of unfiltered, intense action drama, promising to keep the audiences on the edge of their seats. Anticipations are soaring for this feature as the director’s reputation for authenticity precedes him, creating an environment where performers like Gulati are inspired to push their limits.

Insiders close to the film’s production shared that Gulati encountered a series of physically demanding scenes, particularly hand-to-hand combat sequences where the director initially contemplated the use of a stunt double. However, Gulati stood firm on his conviction to perform the scenes himself, striving for a portrayal that resonates with authenticity. His dedication is rooted in the belief that using a body double would detract from the genuineness of the character’s physicality and the impact of the action on screen.

To convincingly depict the raw power and agility required for these stunts, Gulati has undergone a notable physical transformation, attaining a muscular build tailor-made for his role in ‘Deva’. The actor is scheduled to engage in intensive training sessions with stunt directors as part of his preparation. An intricate action sequence is also on the cards to be filmed in Mumbai, earmarked for the next week, where Gulati will be putting his newly mastered skills to the test.

Gulati’s character in ‘Deva’ is described as a tempestuous law enforcement officer, a role that offers him an intriguing canvas to explore his capabilities as an actor in the action genre. Reflecting on his journey through the course of filming, Gulati shares that his affinity for action films and sports lured him toward embracing the role’s physical challenges. According to the actor, the experience of performing his stunts has been both intimidating and immensely satisfying, allowing him to inhabit the essence of his character entirely.

Up to this point, Gulati has successfully completed filming two significant action set-pieces, and the response from the production team has been one of admiration for his dedication. His enthusiasm for doing justice to his role shines through his willingness to venture into new, strenuous territories. The actor’s hands-on approach in ‘Deva’ is certainly making waves and adding an extra layer of excitement for what promises to be a riveting cinematic experience.

As the film industry continues to evolve, with audiences craving more lifelike and immersive representations, Gulati’s decision to forgo stunt doubles could mark a pivotal shift in how action roles are embraced by actors in Bollywood. ‘Deva’, with its promise of raw, palpable action, helmed by a fearless actor willing to go the extra mile for his craft, is undoubtedly one of the most awaited films on the cinematic horizon.

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