Noida Police Detain Influencer Elvish Yadav in Probe over Alleged Snake Venom Party

In a surprising turn of events, digital influencer and former reality show participant Elvish Yadav was taken into custody by the Noida Police on March 17. The arrest was part of an ongoing investigation into a party held in Noida where snake venom was allegedly being used recreationally. Elvish Yadav’s apprehension has caused a significant stir, considering his public notoriety as a Bigg Boss OTT winner.

The investigation, which originated from a complaint made to Sector 49 police station in Noida on November 3 of the previous year, saw Yadav among six individuals named in the First Information Report (FIR). While the other five suspects had previously been detained and subsequently granted bail, Yadav had remained unapprehended until now.

The gravity of the situation is underscored by the invocation of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, coupled with charges related to criminal conspiracy under Indian Penal Code section 120B. Initially tasked to Sector 49, the case was later reassigned to Sector 20’s police station, where further investigation unfolded.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Noida), Manish Mishra, disclosed to the press that the arresting team originated from Sector 20, underlining the seriousness with which the authorities are approaching this offense.

Compounding the case’s complexity are reports surrounding a sub-inspector, once in charge of the local Sector 49 station where this FIR was filed, who has since been reassigned from his post.

Notably, Elvish Yadav has publicly denied any wrongdoing and cooperated with police questioning prior to his arrest. Despite these claims, his purported ties to the illicit gathering continue to haunt his public image.

The case initially came to light after a crackdown at a banquet hall in Sector 51 of Noida on the 3rd of November. Police forces arrested five individuals, seized 20 ml of suspected snake venom, and rescued nine snakes, including five cobras, from the premises.

Contrary to some of his co-accused, Yadav was reportedly not present at the venue during the raid, prompting a wider investigation into his potential involvement in the distribution and use of snake venom as an intoxicant.

Adding to the public pressure was PFA chairperson and BJP leader Maneka Gandhi’s accusation directly aimed at Yadav, alleging his involvement in the illegal sale of snake venom and emphatically calling for his arrest.

In a brush with law enforcement on November 4, Yadav found himself stopped for questioning in Kota, Rajasthan. At the time, he was traveling with friends and was subsequently released without further action being taken.

The arrest of Elvish Yadav ignites numerous conversations regarding the use and abuse of wildlife products, celebrity involvement in illegal activities, and the ensuing legal processes that follow such revelations. The public eye now turns to the outcome of this high-profile case and the potentially far-reaching implications it may hold for both the wildlife protection and the influencer’s own future.

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