New on Amazon Prime Video this week: ‘Reina Roja’ ‘Paw Patrol’ ‘Blue Star’ and more

February comes to a close with a flourish of new content on Amazon Prime Video, delivering a diverse blend of television series and films that promise to captivate audiences with thrilling narratives, heartwarming tales, and laugh-out-loud comedies.

Leading the lineup is ‘Reina Roja/Red Queen,’ available since February 29. This Spanish thriller series is set against the backdrop of Madrid’s grandeur, spinning a tense narrative web that will hold viewers on the edge of their seats. When the son of a formidable business tycoon meets a ghastly end and the daughter of Spain’s richest man is abducted, it beckons the advent of the Red Queen, an enigmatic and pioneering police project, shrouded in secrecy and driven by the need to bend conventional law enforcement tactics. The series is a gritty exploration of power, privilege, and the darker machinations within Spain’s elite circles.

Unveiling the heart and soul of an international music sensation, ‘The Greatest Love Story Never Told’ is currently streaming. This in-depth documentary puts a spotlight on Jennifer Lopez as she embarks on what might be considered her boldest endeavor to date: taking the reins to produce a new album and an accompanying cinematic oeuvre. Delving into her personal odyssey toward self-acceptance that spans two decades, the film also features notable appearances from Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Tony Bellissimo, and Trevor Jackson in significant roles.

‘Poacher’ is another gripping title now available on the streaming platform. The narrative thrusts viewers into the intense and perilous world of wildlife conservation, following a brave cohort comprising Indian Forest Service officials, NGO activists, constables, and altruistic civilians. Together, they take on the formidable task of bringing down some of the most notorious elephant ivory traffickers in India’s history, seeking justice in a high-stakes environmental battle.

The comedy genre is delightfully represented with ‘Singapore Saloon,’ a Tamil-language film now streaming. Laugh along with Kathiravan whose childhood aspiration to become a hairstylist is met with derision and discouragement from his family and community. Undeterred, Kathiravan, with inspiration from his mentor Sacha, sets out to elevate the craft of hairstyling and redefine public perception. His journey is a testament to perseverance, ambition, and the transformative power of self-belief.

For those passionate about sports dramas, ‘Blue Star’ premiered on February 29. Starring Ashok Selvan, Shanthanu Bhagyaraj, and Keerthi Pandian, it charts the escalating cricket tensions in Arakkonam. As the political landscape infests the sport, two rival teams led by captains Ranjith and Rajesh must come to grips with the ramifications of their competition. The film delves deep into the fervor of sporting rivalry and its rippling effects beyond the pitch.

March 1 ushers in the Argentinian action thriller film ‘Jaque Mate,’ helmed by director Jorge Nisco. Duque, a retired secret agent shaken by the death of a comrade, finds renewed purpose when his niece is abducted. Gathering his former teammates from the international agency he once served, Duque embarks on a tense rescue mission against a vengeful adversary, Rey. Premiering exclusively on Prime Video, ‘Jaque Mate’ comes with English subtitles to reach a global audience.

‘Ebuka Turns Up Africa,’ also launched on March 1, is a travel-reality series that delivers audacious adventures with Nigerian TV icon Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and his companions Timini Egbuson, Zubby Michael, Jimmie Akinsola, Onoja Adole, and Alistair Englebert Preston. Watch as they traverse the African continent, bypassing cultural frontiers and shining a light on the men behind the celebrity façade.

The platform hasn’t forgotten the little ones, with ‘Paw Patrol’ arriving on February 29. Led by Ryder and his team of spirited dogs, this children’s favourite brings heart-pounding rescue missions to the quaint seaside town of Adventure Bay. Featuring Ron Pardo, Kallan Holley, and Justin Paul Kelly, the series is a blend of adventure and humor that’s sure to keep kids engaged and entertained.

Finally, ‘Kids Are Growing Up: A Story About a Kid Named LAROI’ streams the journey of Charlton “The Kid LAROI” Howard from obscurity to international teenage stardom within just three years. The documentary captures a pivotal moment for the artist, recording the pressures of sudden fame and the preparations for his first global tour and debut studio album.

Prime Video’s current lineup showcases the vast spectrum of cinematic storytelling, across genres and geographies, catering to a global audience hungry for quality entertainment. Whether seeking to be thrilled, moved, entertained, or educated, viewers will find their appetites whetted by the latest array of offerings.

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