National NGO Day: Five Bollywood celebrities who run an NGO

World NGO Day, celebrated on February 27th, is a global occasion dedicated to recognizing the pivotal roles played by Non-Profit Organizations in bettering societies and fostering social welfare. As the world marks this day, we turn our gaze to the inspiring actions of Indian cinema’s leading personalities who embody philanthropy through their initiatives, transcending their cinematic achievements to become real-life heroes. These Bollywood celebrities are at the helm of NGOs that are making tangible differences in the lives of many.

The quintessential action hero with a heart of gold, Salman Khan, is not only known for his blockbuster films but also his magnanimous spirit. In 2007, he founded ‘Being Human,’ a charity organization that mirrors his compassionate nature. The foundation’s primary mandate lies in delivering healthcare, education, and humanitarian aid to the underprivileged. Being Human stands as a testament to Khan’s commitment to philanthropy, channeling resources and attention to uplift those facing adversity.

Sunil Dutt’s memory of his wife, the iconic Nargis Dutt, lives on through the eponymous foundation established in her remembrance. The Nargis Dutt Foundation surfaced in the wake of her death from cancer in 1981, with an initial focus on combating the devastating disease that claimed her life. Continuing the legacy, Priya Dutt has steered the foundation with the ethos that ‘There is more to life,’ expanding its reach to facilitate cancer awareness and support. Their collaborative efforts with other NGOs have amplified the foundation’s impact across India.

Foremost in the realm of charity, Shah Rukh Khan’s Meer Foundation, founded in 2013, stands as a beacon of hope. Named after his father, Meer Taj Mohammed Khan, the organization has dedicated itself to empowering women, notably focusing on aiding acid attack survivors. Shah Rukh Khan’s foundation ensures these survivors receive medical, legal, and psychological support, striving to restore their dignity and advocating for their rights. The Meer Foundation’s remarkable initiatives didn’t halt during the pandemic; they extended help to frontline workers by donating PPE kits and setting up quarantine facilities.

Pragya and Abhishek Kapoor’s Ek Saath-The Earth Foundation has lent a fresh perspective to the NGO scene, with emphasis placed on environmental love and sustainable living practices. Propelling a green-conscious agenda, they instill the importance of nature conservation through educational programs and active pollution reduction campaigns. The foundation’s work is heavily backed by youth engagement, showcasing the power of collective action in forging a sustainable future.

The legacy of legendary filmmaker Yash Raj Chopra lives on through the Yash Chopra Foundation, which addresses challenges within the film industry itself. Catering to the needs of the industry’s most vulnerable, this foundation has been pivotal in providing resources and support to the casual workforce affected by the precarious nature of the industry. Their response to the COVID-19 pandemic included distributing free rations and meals to those in immediate need, highlighting their responsive and caring approach.

Bollywood’s leading lights who pilot these NGOs serve not just as entertainers but as idols of altruism. Their dedication inspires broader societal engagement and activism, motivating others to contribute towards a collective betterment. Their respective missions underscore the belief that irrespective of one’s status, compassion and service to others unify us in our humanity. Through their charitable work, these celebrities prove that fame is not merely about the glitz and glamour, but also about using one’s influence to champion social causes and bring about positive change.

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